Education and beyond… How to mamage new Privacy Risks on Rapid Moving trends

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Session Topic: Education and Beyond: How to Manage New Privacy Risks on Rapid Moving Trends

Thursday 1I

Convener: Nori

Notes-taker(s): Leon Brown

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Education and beyond

o Akiko Orita - Keio University, Hiroki Sakai, Takashi Kosumi (Yahoo Japan Wallet developer), Tom Liebe (developer at Pacific East), Masanori Kusunoki (Y! Japan)

o Education - a trade-off between policy, free market solutions (including reputation/self-policing) --> If there a profit in doing good

o Trade off between use value versus risk

o Educate - corporation/learning eco-system

o Example: Address, Name, Phone number is enough data to identify an individual.

o Microsoft had an incentive for Do Not Track - by pressuring Google by having a nicer alternative to Google Search may increase Bing searches, which Microsoft monetizes

o Informative to consumers: better understanding, or economic model, to allow consumers and users of free services, and assess the value to them for the free service.

o Children have a far different value for privacy.

o People in EU started seeing issues differently when the gov't started inventing rights/policy for use of data, and gave rights to users.

· "Crack/Cry" How long to crack your data, how long would cry if it was destroyed or hack?

· There is a tension between to decide value.

o Value is something technologists talk about, not real consumers. Consumers just know that 'companies can't do it.'

o Policies between users of Policy data can be effective as consumers will not understand it.

o Japan planning Japanese SSN by 2016/2060. How to exchange information between gov't and local gov't. Investigating usage of personal data. Tax and SSN and HC will be different. SSN will be based on 住民票.

o Q: do you think you can educate consumers? Education data users consumers?

• Possibly personalized education/learning eco-system

o Stakeholders in Educating

· Business

· Education

· Gov't

· Community (OpenID)