Education Customers and Companies

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Session Topic: Educating Customers and Companies

Wednesday 3A

Convener: Alex Levin

Notes-taker(s): Alex Levin


Quantified self

Do you educate on generally what is a data vault or on a specific use case?

Is it okay to do the right thing for consumers without them knowing its happening?

Do you need to know everything about the system? Ex: Banking system

Simulation or role play as a learning mechanism

Duties, rights and responsibilities

How do you bring together multiple services and show the value of having one cloud instead of multiple?

Visual cues to show who is doing security or privacy?

Can you have a way to rate websites on their privacy? How do you reach scale?

What kinds of data do consumers care about? Health records, finance, purchase history, passwords, quantified self

What's important to me and actionable to me in my day to day life?