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From IIW

9AM pacific Day Light time

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Help people connect and to keep the community collaborating.

Moving from "they" to "we" -- Have people feel like they belong to the community, which in turn encourages proactive participation Want people to co-own things.

  • Explain the concrete opportunities for involvement.
  • Clarifying community process (Identity Commons) for moving forward on things. Want it to get adopted to some extent.

Be a valuable experience for both new and old community members.

  • Encourage cross-fertilization
  • Get stuff done, but also larger weaving together of things.

More talent at the untalent show.

  • Intro to OSIS, marketing messages, state of the industry
  • OSIS Interop - Actual interop with sites still up from Barcelona Catalyst Interop, F2F to continue to resolve both interop connections and deeper dive into specific features; plan for RSA 2008 Interop
  • Meetings between Relying Parties, Card Selectors, Identity Providers

Community Axes

Three axes of this:

  • shared language
    • shared Map/landscape
  • shared values
  • connectedness

Would help if people self-identified where they were along these axes.

Customers are confused. industry in a great position to help craft unified message. We surface coherence when it's there (and incoherence). Don't need full alignment.

Who do we want to be there?

What is the Unique Value: Direct interaction with the Experts on this subject at IIW meeting with companies 'leading experts' and answer a lot of questions.

  • Product Managers
  • Involved in Federated Space
  • Vertical Clusters - Health Care, Insurance
  • Leading thinkers in this space
  • Architects
  • People not primarily techies
  • Biz dev
  • Bloggers / traditional media folks
  • People who attended "prematurely" in the past
  • Data sharing community

Why aren't they coming?

  • Not being publicized through mainstream places.
  • Part of the character of the event is that the invitations are in-person. We need to honor this.

What blogs should we publicize through?

  • Podcast on ReadWriteWeb (via Sean)

What other events can we be talking about this?

  • Gartner Identity Show (November 15?)
  • Defrag

Go through previous attendees

  • Figure out who they are
  • Ask them to invite someone

Traditions / Rituals

Orientation for people new to user-centric identity on the first day. Outlining majore initiatives in the community. "Where we have come from and where we are at" this will enable people to participate fully in the Open Space on Tuesday and Wednesday engaging in conversations about "where we are at and where we are going."

Speed Geeking a way to see a range of working products in the community. There are demonstration stations throughout the room. Those not demoing split up into groups of 4-6 and go to a demo station. Then every 5 min move on to a new station.

Technical Interop Sessions - extended time to just get stuff to work.

Open Space Technology - We collect proposed topics on a wiki ahead of time but actually create the agenda the day we meet. Those wishing to present write the name of the session down on a 8x11 sheet of paper (landscape) anouce it to the group and place it in the time/space grid.

Eating Dinner Together - sharing a meal and socializing is part of being in the community.

Un-Talent Show - Since we are a community with many talents this is a great opportunity to share. We invite people to share their real talents - singing, poems, photos, drawings. We also have PPT and real Kareoke.

2008b Straw Man Schedule

Monday Introductory

Feedback from last time

  • Improve the 'what is it and why should I care'
  • Have simpler explanations of core elements and explain how they fit together better

IDEAS Kaliya's idea about how to do this - invite Ryan Jassen who is a 'newbie' writing an extensive seriese of posts about the overall landscape and contributing to Starting Points page.

Invite the Enterprise Positioning group to put together an introductory presentation.

Perhaps invite VRM to talk about where there project as it is an application.

One Pagers

What projects are 'in' the packet?

How is this decided - what are the criteria?

All together

How do we use this time well together?

What is the big question?



note that the Data Sharing Summit] is happening the following day.

2007a Straw Man Schedule



2.5 hours

  1. Shared Language/History
    • Lexicon
    • Laws of Identity + responses
  1. Identity landscape overview
    • triangle/venn diagram
    • web sso architecture diagram (applicable to OpenID and others)
    • other attempts to map out the landscape
      • event landscape

MAJOR PROJECTS - Each puts forward one pager.

These will be covered as part of discussing the landscape. There will be a long question and answer.

  • Printing: .pdf and wiki form by 11/28 send PDF to Kaliya and Phil.
  • What is it?
  • What is it designed for/how do I apply it?
  • What is the work product / goal / vision.
  • How far along is it?
  • How can I learn more?
  • Who is involved?
  • How can I participate?
PROJECTS And Proposed authors
  • OSIS - Dale Olds, Johannes Ernst
    • goals
    • current status
    • work items during IIW
  • OpenID - Bill Washburn, David Recordon, Scott K
  • Foundation
    • technology
    • intellectual property
  • Concordia - Eve Maler, Mike Jones
  • Cardspace - Mike Jones
  • Higgins - Paul Trevithick, Charles Andres
  • XDI - Drummond Reed, Charles Andres
  • XRI - Drummond Reed,
  • Bandit - Dale Olds
  • ID Trust - Abbie Barber?
  • SAML - Eve Maler, Conor Cahill, John Kemp
  • OpenSocial?
  • ID Commons, Kaliya and Eugene
  • The Pamela Project, Pamela Dingle
  • Other Initiatives that are relevant to this space and coming to the event.

Add yourself and get your one pager in.

Ongoing Working Groups

We will have two 90min sessions. 12:45-2:15 and 2:30-4:00. We would like groups to let us know they want to meet. These working sessions are only for people who have been to IIW before.


  • What Questions were there and have been answered by the community. Kaliya and Johannes will solicit these via a survey/blog outreach. Present what they discover for 15-20 min.

Break into small groups consider.

1) Landscape is changing - what has happened in the last year (Below are examples)

    • Social Graph Portability
    • OpenSocial APIs: Facebook, Google...
    • Is user-centric identity ready for commercial adoption?
    • RealID
    • Facebook open
    • Biometrics emerging in more places (airports, gas stations, grocery stores, school lunches)
    • VRM - enabling buyers and sellers to build mutually beneficial relationships
      • Customer backlash: Chevy Tahoe Recall Social Network
    • Legal developments (Europe, US etc.)

2) What are the Open Questions for the Community to grapple with

Closing talking about Identity Commons

    • show list of working groups
    • point to individuals representing those working groups present at IIW
    • how you get involved

Questions we worked through for Monday Design.

Questions that arise

  1. Is user-centric identity ready for commercial adoption? (this could be a whole group conversation)
    • what is available in the market, and what not
    • business case
    • obstacles and mine fields
  2. Call to Action: Internet Identity is essential to a free and open social order; what are you going to do about it?
    • Data Protection --> User Control --> Accountability --> Trust
    • Work together to avoid the icebergs; protocol debates are less important
    • Interoperability among heterogeneous systems

Who should talk on Monday?

How do you coordinate with community for meeting needs on Monday?

Goal for Monday is surface coherence. Purpose is to surface shared language. Show progress. How can we show this?

  • Collective mapping process.
  • common vocabulary
  • cross fertilization activity discussion
  • Give people a grounding and orientation.
  • Intros for newbies -- likely to last several hours; Those who have been through the intro before could have work sessions
  • State of the art for both newbies and experts
  • Mentorship?


For Open Space - Articulate different types of sessions -

  • Learning/Teaching Sessions (to get folks up to speed on topics/issues)
  • Working Sessions

OSIS Interop in the Afternoon

  • Hahn Auditorium
  • "BYOR" Bring your own router, Cat V Cables, Power strip
  • Speed Geeking opportunity in conjunction with interop demo
  • Interop planning session for RSA 2008

Untalent Show



Open Space start 8:30 AM this may move to 9AM but not confirmed yet. Closing


There was an open call for participation in helping to design IIW. There were several conference calls and a cc e-mail list. The following folks participated. This coming IIW we will begin the conversation about the design of the next IIW.

  • Kaliya Hamlin
  • Eugene Kim
  • Phil Windley
  • Sean Ammirati
  • Charles Andres
  • Drummod Reed
  • Dale Olds
  • Andy Dale
  • Johannes Ernst
  • Doc Searls