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These were Demonstrations Given at IIW on Tuesday May 19th between 3:30 and 5pm.

We invite DemoERs to put in information about what they presented.

SCoops FS

(The F is Silent) Secure Cooperative File Sharing With WebKeys, Allan Karp (HP Labs)


Personal Data Store

  • infocard
  • ID-WSF
  • PDS
  • Home Services

Google Latitude 2 Fire Eagle Sync

Building Action Cards with Kynetx

Phil Windley

Azigo Selector

Azigo CardPress

OpenID PAPE and SAML 2 AuthN Context

FuGen Solutions

OpenID PAPE and SAML AuthN Context Interop

(Concordia at RSA Event - Tatsuki on behalf of NTT & NRI)

ID-Based App for Plumbers and Service Companies

People Pond

MSFT Fed Gateway

Corporate SSO to ONline Services



Calling, Sending POstal Mail, Sending Electronic Mail to i-names (XRI's)

Nascar-Free OpenID UI Grandma Can Use

Polka - Mobile Health Observations

Rel-ID Mutual Authentication

Geneva - Developer Tools for Identity Driven Apps

CardSpace - Geneva

OpenID and OAuth Hybrid

Signup (Google -> Plaxo) and Facebook Connect + Plaxo

  • End to the Re-Friend Madness"