Defining Consent – Collecting Personal Information with Notia Consent Receipts

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Introduction to Consent Receipts

Tuesday 4A

Convener: John Wunderlich

Notes-taker(s): John Wunderlich

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Introduction to the Minimum Viable Consent Receipt:​

Introduction to the MVCR.pdf

Consent Receipt Demo:  ​ IIW_MVCR_Demo.pdf

Notes to accompany John’s slides/presentation:

  • A company has a privacy policy to mitigate its risk. A Consent Receipt gives some power to the user.
  • There is no informed consent for some kinds of data
  • Consent Receipt gives teeth to consumer to say you do what you said you would do.
  • If you “de-id” personal data properly, it is no longer personal data.
  • There is a Github repository you can look at….
  • This is more of a policy than a technical issue
  • Sarah Squire has written an example consent receipt generator with an API, to be completed as a web form….
  • This control gives a regulator the ability to go to a party… and say, show me the record.
  • A signed JSON object is utilized.
  • Now there is clean data, positively consented; consent means good data
  • Big data is largely bad data, unconsented and randomly collected
  • Consent is an audit and trust tool.