Data Ecosystem Consortium (PDEC) Exploring the Future with Dean

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Session Topic: PDEC = Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium

Wednesday 3B

Convener: Dean Landsman - Communications Director of PDEC and Kaliya/Identity Woman Founder/Executive Director of PDEC

Notes-taker: Dean Landsman

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Introductions were made around the room, of roughly 25 participants,

NEC, Mozilla and Twitter were among the companies attending the session, as well as IIW attendees from Japan, France, Denmark and the UK. Of note is that a good many PDEC members in the US and around the globe had emailed Dean to ask if any PDEC sessions could be streamed.

Questions about PDEC goals and operations were brought up, as the room had current members, interested parties, and newbies to the organization.

Among the many topics covered: As PDEC grows, what will be the qualifiers for more companies (or individuals) to gain membership? Will PDEC as a trade organization need to do in order to be of value to members ranging from start ups to giant companies?

Kaliya noted the present annual membership fees basis ranges from $150 for bootstrap start ups to $1000 for companies with angel funding, up to $5000 for funded start ups. It was agreed that this needs to be reviewed and reconsidered, as PDEC matures and the industry itself is experiencing rapid growth.

Can large companies also play a role? How exactly does PDEC vet members? Dean offered that these issues were part of an open discussion; a PDEC Governance Committee is assembling, led by Kaliya who announced that volunteers were already aboard the committee. Dean added that as a membership group, a trade association, all input for consideration by the Governance Committee was welcome and encouraged.

Michael Becker (of mCordis), with a decade of experience as Director of Marketing at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) suggested that PDEC could and should be the source to its membership:

  • As a Central point of information and policies (for members)
  • providing Research & Insight (for members)
  • a place to Create Connections, Resources and Contacts

Michael added that as a marketing and information source, PDEC would grow rapidly, with companies of many sorts as well as the trade or consumer press coming to PDEC for information, guidance, assistance and research.

Jamie Clark (of OASIS) noted that personal data stores are an emerging phenomenon, and PDEC can be the place where members can share work issues and gather to combine value and define what it is the industry is about, where it is going, and improve the lot for all members. Jamie’s experience as Chief Counsel at OASIS and his work as Director of Standards would be of value to PDEC.

Jamie & Michael discussed how a standards body and a marketing arm (as a trade group) can synchronize to the benefit of many.

Jim Fournier (of Planetwork & Spherical) suggested that PDEC provide an informational role to both its members and the outside world. That there is mutual value for both sides.

Katryna Dow (of Meeco, Australia) offered that PDEC could be of great resource for marketers of a Personal Data Store (or bank, vault, locker); that they can deliver value to a brand, an individual, a government.

Katryna added that there is a perceived risk in allowing or enabling an outside party to house (or host) data, there are potential liabilities…having an outsourced solution may help mitigate that responsibility. PDEC can help bring this message out to the world at large, and PDEC members can share their experiences in dealing with these and other areas as companies in this space emerge and evolve.

Much of the discussion centered on PDEC maturing as a trade organization to include lobbying as part of its portfolio of services. Prior to that there needs to be publication of a Mission Statement, of a set of operational standards and practices. Dean noted that all of this, in fact, is in progress at PDEC right now.

There was additional discussion of PDEC martialling the discussion around Personal Data and the entire ecosystem, ranging from the various types of providers (as reflected in the diverse PDEC membership) to a consumer/user side, being the key resource, the go to point for information in the arena.

Jean Russell (of Leloa Group and also PDEC) noted that PDEC’s current goals to date have been around connecting members, connecting them to information (and facilitating information together), and sharing outward what members are doing.

Kaliya added that PDEC could raise visibility in press as the trade organization of note. That such a position would have members of the press come knocking on our door.

Dean reminded the group that PDC seeks blog posts from members, as well as contributing to PDEC White Papers..

Hernrik Biering (of Peercraft in Denmark) asked how can we develop incrementally? What is practical? How do we tap into existing things? Do we have something we all need? That these are questions to incentivize the membership. He expounded on this, and Dean asked him to put that into a blog post for the PDEC site.

By and large the group agreed that PDEC is in growth mode, and that the opportunity to serve and expand is there for us to seize.