DID Resolution + Registration

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DID Resolution & Registration

Day/Session:Tuesday 4D

Convener:Markus Sabadello

Notes-taker(s): Markus Sabadello

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

DID Resolution is the process of obtaining the DID Document of a DID, for the purpose of interacting with the DID subject in a trusted manner. The most important parts of a DID Document are public keys and service endpoints.

At the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF), we've been working on the Universal Resolver, which is an implementation of multiple DID methods: https://uniresolver.io/

Within the W3C DID standardization process, we are planning to have a document that defines the details of DID Resolution (currently a skeleton document): https://w3c-ccg.github.io/did-resolution/

There are several technical details to consider when performing DID Resolution: https://github.com/WebOfTrustInfo/rwot7/blob/master/topics-and-advance-readings/did-resolution-topics.md

Also, we are now working on a Universal Registar tool that can create, update, and revoke DIDs across different DID methods: https://uniregistrar.io/

For more information on how to use these tools and contribute, get involved with the W3C Credentials Community Group, Decentralized Identity Foundation, or email markus@danubetech.com.