DID Ledger Lightening Talks

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DID Ledger Lightening Talks

Wednesday 2D

Convener: Manu Sporny

Notes-taker(s): Manu Sporny & Anastasia Miron

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Slides: Veres One: 


Veres One[edit]

A Globally Interoperable Blockchain for Identity

IIW XXVI - April 3rd-5th 2018


A world where people and organizations create, own, and control their identifiers and their identity data

Fit for Purpose[edit]

Veres One is a fit-for-purpose blockchain optimized for identity.

It is public and permissionless

Veres One is FAST[edit]

Fastest DID Ledger

DID Creation

Bitcoin - create: 0.6M / day - consensus delay: ~3,600 seconds

Ethereum - create: 2.1M / day - consensus delay: ~375 seconds

Veres One- create: 18M / day - consensus delay: ~30 seconds

Did NOT do an ICO[edit]

Veres One does not use a token and will not do an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

ICOs Create Volatility and Network Debt

Veres One is Cost Effective[edit]

Bitcoin - ~$15-$73 per DID

Ethereum - ~$4-$14 per DID

Veres One - ~$1-$2 per DID

Fee-based revenue models ensure long term operation of the network

Commodity prices guaranteed due to strong downward pressure on operational costs


Beta (Oct 2017) Release Candidate (Feb 2018-today) Production (June 2018) Production Customers (Oct 2018)


Any questions related to Veres One or the larger ecosystem?

Manu Sporny | CEO | Digital Bazaar

Co-Inventor of Verifiable Credential & Decentralized Identifier Technology

Co-Inventor of JSON-LD

Co-Founder of Veres One

10+ Years in Web Standards

Customers in Finance, Government, Education, and Healthcare

Email: msporny@digitalbazaar.com

Twitter: @manusporny


Photo’s by Anistasia Miron

IIW26 We 2D DID ledger Photo 1.jpg

Also the second day, all 4presenters from 4different DIDs sat down and discuss what works how and all the other details. It was amazing to see it!!

IIW26 We 2D DID ledger Photo 2.jpg