DEMO – Social Verification and Google Street Identity

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Session Topic: Demo – Social Verification Google Street Identity (W4J)

Convener: Stephen Ufford

Note-Taker(s): Tanis Jorge

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Google Street Identity, ID Proofing, social, Trulioo, global user identity management

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Slide Show: Link:

Stephen presented a short slide show covering Trust Elevation and how a social verification process can help to build trust on an Internet scale.

Slide 2: The current trust model on the Internet is fragmented. Authoritative and verified attribute data available from governments, credit bureaus and data aggregators is heavily regulated and geographically limited. Self asserted attributes are widely available through the social networks, but can not provide relying parties with required trust levels.

Slide 3: Currently only social networks and IDPs have a direct link to the end user, due to the nature of how the identity is built (user involved). Bureaus and Aggregators must rely on high friction KBA processes to verify users.

Slide 4: The challenge is to find a way to allow users to move-up (never down) the trust elevation latter while maintaining a low level of user friction, and providing the greatest geographic coverage possible.

Slide 5: Outlines how a social ID proofing process can help achieve targeted trust elevation, friction, economic and coverage levels.

Slide 8 -14: An explanation on how social verification works, Predictive analytics determine if a social networking account can be used for verification. Crowd souring provides verified user attribute data. The value proposition of social verify is to deter fraud by displacing the monetary value of the fraud with the associated cost base of perpetrating the fraud.

Slide 16: An invitation to apply to join the Trulioo/Google Street Identity pilots, and to submit use cases to for social verification to the OIX Attribute Exchange, Business Sub-workgroup.

Demo: Link:

Stephen presented a live demo integrating Trulioo’s global identity proofing API with Google Street Identity. The demo focused on the distance education use case, whereby universities have the need to verifying overseas students applying for courses to be taken exclusively online.