Consumers and Public Records

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Session Topic: Consumer and Public Records and other Identity Data Types

Wednesday 2G

Convener: Anatoly

Notes-taker(s): Leon Brown

Consumer and Public Records and other Identity Data Types

o Experian consumer guy: Anatoly. Free Credit, Corporate Development and Strategy.

o Public Records: If you Google, public records expose a lot of information. Most not coming from social, a lot is coming from gov't data that is purchased and pushed outside Google firewall. A bit weird to consumers; most think it is Facebook or Social, but it isn't.

o Does there need to be gov't intervention or governance?

o Are there privacy issues?

o Should there be a global solution? 0pt-out costs money in some cases.

o Often personal data has no PII, but is mine.

o Data --> Kim Little discussion. Different rules around different data. Recommend framing data conver

· Personal Information is largest volume of data

· Within PI is Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

· Within PII is Sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (SPII)

· Then there is Personal Health Information (PHI), which covers PI, PII and SPII.

o Is it a private sector opportunity or a governance issue?

o Legislation

· When and how we can use/change data or public records?

· FCRA for public data? Is this a relevant parallel?

o Issues from group

· Data hygiene

· Every state has their own laws for data related issues

· No ??? Motivation to stop it

· Feasibility to make any technology or data solution work. So many pieces of data that cannot be corrected (even within a credit score or financial report which are strong systems and heavily controlled), how can deal with Personal Information. Should we focus on smaller data set such as PII or SPII?

· How would a consumer correct data, if there is no central authority for maintaining this data?

· Who owns the data - for example, what is the correct source for my name?

· Who is the source of data? Most often the source of data is obfuscated…

· No liability or responsibility for a data error. For example, if at data entry a name is misspelled it is hard to correct once disseminated

o FTC WhitePaper on white house consumer privacy bill

o Opportunity

· LifeLock of public records?

· Make it simpler --> Difficulty high to correct anything across 52 states

· Monitoring new public records: Social à but there is choice

o Detour in to Linden Labs