Concordia User Identity Reference

From IIW

Convener: Marty Schleiff


  • Marty Schleiff
  • Lucy Lynch
  • Macduff Hughes
  • Henrik Biering
  • Paul Bryan
  • Randy Farmer
  • Drummond Reed
  • Hank Mauldin
  • Bob Morgan

Technology Discussed/Considered:

Development of a Concordia User Identity Reference Model

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

We listed links to related information:

We tried to get consensus about what a Digital Identity is, and didn’t quite get there. Some thoughts included:

  • A bag of attributes of something which collectively match exactly one entity, usually including at least one identifier.
  • Digital Identity is not just about authentication or authorization, but commonly used for that.

We discussed some approaches we might take to build a model:

  • Bob asserts big organization notion of an identity model different than other notions.
  • Randy – let’s do the least possible. He’s interested in the common pieces of an identity model. A clean way to graphically describe the minimal digital identity that is used in distributed identity systems.
  • Paul - Define common design patterns that people can adopt, rather than redefining their own new patterns. For example Grouping is a common design pattern.
  • Marty – maybe other design patterns would be user, account, privilege, etc.
  • Lucy – interested in the pieces that can be defined into workflow diagrams about the use of identity information, and other useful diagrams. Maybe the pieces are like Vision icons used to compose diagrams.

Several expressed interest to continue discussions: Hank, Paul, Bob, Lucy, Macduff, and Marty expressed interest to continue the discussion (did I forget anyone?). Maybe others are interested to, but some people had already left by the time we asked who wants to continue.