CYBORG Future of ID

From IIW

CYBORG Future of ID

Day/Session:Wednesday 2H

Convener:Sari Stenfors

Notes-taker(s): Steve Fulling

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Two parts to this session: approximately 30 min. each: 

1. Dream up the future we want for IDs for CyBorgs. What would work very well??

  1. Time limited and revocable identities.
  2. Natural identities based on how we as biological beings behave.
  3. If we embody the digital world, maybe the digital world takes us over as we pass out.
  4. Think of tribes, groups perhaps have identities, maybe like the “Borg”
  5. If we have AI agents, they act on our behalf.
  6. How do we use the Internet now? As a Cyborg we put on different personas. Multiple identities.
  7. Control each identity. Augmented reality.
  8. Ability to differentiate between a Cyborg and no-Cyborg
  9. Disappointed in how the human animal has been so overwhelmed on how to extend ourselves.
  10. Behave in the digital landscape the way we behave in the physical world.
  11. Many problems with biometrics. How about cybiometrics?
  12. Bridge interface between physical and digital world. Cybiowallet?
  13. Identities are identifiers and attributes. We are talking about identifiers.
  14. Biometrics are identifiers.
  15. Do identities begin and end? Identities continue but the identifiers do not keep living?
  16. Who / what are the components? What does it mean to be anonymous?
  17. What does it mean to be autonomous?
  18. What if you don’t want to do the things society requires of you??
  19. How do we bring forth the same characteristics of our current environment?
  20. How do we have a verifiable record of what did an did not happen.
  21. How do you combine cyborg and real learning.
  22. Semi-autonomous agents? Are we online or are our agents online?
  23. We have group identity. Tribe identity.
  24. Identity is a social construct. We have identifiers and attributes.
  25. Identity can be associated with objects. Identify by objects.
  26. Manufacturing your identity. Who are you really?
  27. Hivemind.

2.  How we are going to get there?

  1. We are at a given place in time. How do we get to this cyborg future?
  2. What are the issues today?
  3. How do imagine our future?
  4. The figure is entirely different from what we could imagine today?
  5. How do we avoid the pain of operating by default?
  6. What do we do to prep?
  7. Legalize hallucinogenic?
  8. We need imagination?
  9. Rethink laws. What are rules?
  10. Is it in our nature to be proactive?
  11. We did create work unions, etc.
  12. Nature is not civil nor is it fair.
  13. There is a natural contention for resources.
  14. We are frying our minds. Overclocking.
  15. We are problem solvers.
  16. For the first time in history do we have the option to change our future?
  17. We have the ability to build in balance??
  18. Do we have better tools today that we’ve not had previously??
  19. Humans are noisy and predictable. We are simple.
  20. We have coalitions of humans who want to do the right thing.
  21. SSI / DID? 

3. What is the most important thing we can do today??

  1. Preservation of our identities.
  2. Centralized powers and of force don’t work well.
  3. Decentralized governance, augmented with technology.
  4. Grateful that people are thinking about his and working on this.
  5. Preserving ID while designing privacy
  6. Balancing with consent. Having control over your ID.
  7. Read your history.
  8. Read Accelerando
  9. Use moral as compass.
  10. Manage and remember our heart.