Business of SSI Proposed Topics

From IIW

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What are the critical questions about The Business of SSI you are hoping to discuss with peers at this event?

  • What are typical licensing/subscription models for SSI software?
  • What's a good balance between open-source and proprietary software?
  • What are differences between offering products to governments and private sector?
  • What SSI use cases don't lead to commodity models?
  • Confront with other businesses using SSI. How to generate value from the decentralisation of data.
  • How do we communicate the value of SSI to the owners of the incumbent legacy systems?
  • How do we structure our business arrangement to maintain the sovereignty that this tech promises?
  • convergence and divergence of the future of decentralized identity
  • How to write a business plan and calculate Total Available Market (TAM) for SSI.

What topics are you thinking about presenting about and discussing at this event?

  • What are today's barriers to monetization? What moats can be raised to defend a startup? What moats shouldn't be raised so the ecosystem prospers?"
  • Wallet, App, AI, Data Marketplaces

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at this event?

  • What's working now and what's failing, and why.
  • Network, contamination, connections