Building Community for SOVRIN and Hyperledger Indy

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Building Community for Sovrin and Hyperledger Indy

Wednesday 3B

Convener: Sean Bohan

Notes-taker(s): Sean Bohan

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:


Discuss and crowdsource ideas for growing the communities of Sovrin Foundation and Hyperledger Indy

How do we get more contributors to both

Ways to start building a movement behind self-sovereign identity via Sovrin Foundation

Who: Sean Bohan (Sovrin, Indy), Nathan George (Sovrin, Indy), Steve Tolman (Sovrin, Indy)

What Happened:

Instead of crowdsourcing ideas, we did a mid-deep dive on:

  • Indy and Sovrin
    • Indy is the open source Ledger and SDK codebase
    • Sovrin is the first public DLT based on Indy
  • History of the two
    • Evernym - Self Sovereign Identity startup
    • Sovrin - launched by Evernym to be a global, independent nonprofit that runs the Sovrin DLT, manages the governance of the network and is an advocacy group behind the concepts of Self Sovereign **Identity, Verifiable Claims, Pairwise IDs, user agency, etc. 
    • Indy - Hyperledger invited Sovrin to apply to be contribute the code and be the first blockchain in Hyperledger purpose-built for identity
  • How they work
    • Trust Framework and Governance
    • What is a Public/Permissioned Ledger vs. Public or Private
    • Network structure of Sovrin
      • Trust Framework
      • Stewards
      • Validator Nodes (write)
      • Observer Nodes (read)
      • Agents
      • Apps
  • Resources to find out more
    • (Phil WIndley's blog)
  • 4 ways to work with Sovrin
    • Production Network (live Sovrin network)
    • Sovrin Test Network
    • ETN (Enterprise Test Network)
    • Getting Started Guide
  • We need more content
    • Explainers, videos, webinars, blog posts
  • What other WGs can add value?
    • We have Ledger and Agent WGs
    • would an Indy UX WG be helpful? Should that be included in Sovrin
  • Discussed ways to get more people participating
  • Starting points for Indy: