Armor Up – The Gravity Wars ~ Real World vs Virtual Reality and the Human OS

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Armor Up! The Gravity Wars: Real World vs VR and Human OS Identity Influences

Tuesday 5F

Convener: Jeff Orgel

Notes-taker(s): Jeff Orgel

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Lens-Crafting: How Experience Has Crafted These Optics And This Perspective

With the observation of any new data-scape, things are noted, contemplated and packaged for use as wisdom going forward into deeper understanding of that space. One of the greatest gifts I can give or receive is when we can put handles on thoughts with words for each other. We can then understand each other better and talk about ideas where there hasn’t yet been much language.

The space of IT forces and its impact on our Human Nature is what I call Real-IT®, our unique and individual relationship with “I.T.” These Real-IT relationship choices can gently ripple onto, or devastate like a tidal wave, the beaches of our real world landscape. Your Real-IT will reflect into your Reality. Can we manage ourselves? Will we manage ourselves?

Game Space – Messing With Human Firmware Via IT Systems;

Design Altruism and Dark Patterns in the digital landscape may manifest as transparency, or lack thereof, regarding system design and intention. Better and lesser angels appear as our base animal nature acts out on a virtual landscape - of connected networks - of different sorts...

Online disinhibition effect, our feeling of being more than less in physically isolated privacy when online, challenges a pivotal Real-IT premise – to treat the digital landscape as though it is the Real World. It is the same thing that influences a ticked off 92 pound Grandma in her sensible import to flip a middle finger at the huge 80,000 lb. truck and driver. I don’t see her shoving him standing side by side…but maybe! Real-IT® Premises: Centers Of Gravity

IT Delivers A Convenience Which Comes At A Cost (though not necessarily dollars and cents);

  • STORY [b&w]: The art of determining IT cost is a key to making Real-IT choices which facilitate your intention.
  • NOTE: A pain point, if any, is often cloaked in IT Convenience Benefit Ether (ITCBE). The higher the perceived benefit, the more the consideration/impact of cost is overlooked in the rush for the benefit.

Base Human Nature Is The Game Space Of Influence Of IT Forces;

  • All systems run on top of the HumanOS (evolutionary firmware)
  • IT Forces can be best managed when we know the Pressure/Pleasure/Pain Points of Human Nature that these forces play to. We can then regulate impact of forces.
  • Look to base nature in the animal kingdom for guidance and vetting of sensibilities.
  • Management of choices by the Human Brain is the Killer App

Gravity Wars

  • VR (and somewhat less significantly, MR & AR) will make extraordinary connection to our base nature via neurology and will have a significant gravity pulling the HumanOS, as never before, away from Real World.
  • IMHO, more people than we expect may be very inclined to delegate away much of their Real World presence to immerse in VR spaces.
  • Focus on the state management skills combined with awareness of IT forces stay in balance (aka Digital Aikido)
  • [STORY] Somewhat sociologically terrifying maybe, but we do not need to be intimidated.
  • There is a space of optimal balance unique to each of us to be struck which will enhance and enable us.