Aging plus Caregivers plus Post Death Identity Mngt

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Session Topic: Aging & Caregivers & Post Death Identity Management IoT Assisted Living

Tuesday 5G

Convener: David Howell

Notes-taker(s): Akiko ORITA

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered: IoT, Aging, Post-Life

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:  After brief introductions of attendees, we discussed both “Aging in Place” and “Post-Life Identity”.

<Aging in Place>   

  • seniors stay at home
  • service vendor network (**Financial (day to day, estate) / **Medical Vendor)
    • vender management system
  • medical coordination
    • power of attorney
    • electronic monitoring of medication
    • Family DNA
  • house system control
    • motion detection
    • cloud
  • entertainment
    • even known technology can become harder : More complicated TV controller
  • Telephone Interface
  • usability,change is very difficult
    • (son or daughter must know how to deal with it)
    • does the senior need to know?
  • personal history / legacy
    • The personal stories
    • Take their stories from physical artifact (from printed photos to digital data and in the future??)
    • personal information estate planning
      • Medical / Memories
  • Creating hooks back to older memories
  • Control with the voice
  • Safety boundary
  • The model of delegation

Delegation problem -- health record, medical record, information coordination


  • Maintain the Identity, identity still persist

after certain inactive period, the account will be removed

| lightweight vault - identity systems are not aware of this state

  • social media monuments


How to transfer ownership -- things we own as individuals exist only digitally