9H/ People vs Technology - Wet vs. Dry - Environments/Systems - Naturally Formed vs Structured Systems / Jeff O

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Session 9G

Wet/Naturally Formed Systems (People) and Interaction with Dry/Human Structured Systems (Digital Landscape)

Session Convener: Jeff Orgel

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People are built/designed in nature to exist in a natural realm of forces, none of which are designed or driven by active intelligence or decision making. Naturally formed things evolve to exist in naturally formed realms of convergence between light and dark, hot and cold, rain and drought, fire and ice.

Thereupon, and binding it all together, is a naturally formed atmosphere flexing the beautifully chaotic, yet ordered, fractal flight of “the butterfly effect”. Those effects entangle and dance across the planet every single moment...of every single day…concurrent and bound to each other. Undeliberate chaos, beauty in natural forces, a structured realm of happenings with no plan or purpose. This is a complex system of forces, that flows without concern or even awareness of itself.

After a brisk conversation and whiteboard session on the topic my associate Jenn Greene* surfaced an exquisite example by David Sime** (link to full visual below) discussing Digital Twins and VR complexity modeling. Here we see a wet/natural environment, water, being impacted by washers representing dry/intelligently designed influences such. This great gift, mined by Jenn and brought forth by David from RIIoT Digital Ltd***, crystalized the idea of, and results of, the significant influence of dry/design. How does intelligent (dry) design, a washer, in this perspective, software, influence natural (wet) environments, like people? This “water and washers” visual gave a vivid example of how I perceive humans (wet) being impacted by intelligently designed software (dry). The dance between dry design and wet nature is strikingly beautiful. The demonstration of how we people may be moved to behave in ways we were not designed for is as intimidating as it is beautiful – possibly more so. How could the influence and sorting out of natural things like people occur with less abrupt reformation of the natural realm by impacts of our own design? How can the influence on people by software occur in a way that is maybe less dramatic? How can the influence on people by software occur in a way that is maybe less malformed? More in April at IIW 36!

Water/Natural & Washers/Intelligent Design = People & Software

https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenn-greene-mcsm?trk=people-guest_people_search-card https://www.linkedin.com/posts/davidsime_cfd-flow-digitaltwins-activity-6950593083998711808-JV4K