20L/ Why you know less about Guardianship than you think (because we ALL know less about Guardianship than we think)

From IIW

Why You Know Less About Guardianship Than You Think (Because We ALL Know Less About Guardianship Than We Think)

Thursday 20L

Convener: Jo Spencer, John Phillips, Sterre den Breeijen

Notes-taker(s): sankarshan

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps

Link to the deck we’ll use to start the conversation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1aGTPmlno3WScpSYMs1HLhWsrVRx9B-I0yhOQsRgmqRw/edit?usp=sharing

Do we need to get more people interested in the “real life” application of

Four groups of people at IIW conferences?

  • Technologists

  • Idealists

  • Pragmatists

  • Entrepreneurs

  1. [Sterre] introduction ; also of TNO

    1. Kudos to Jo and John for the slide deck

    2. In 2019 the Sovrin Foundation published a whitepaper on Guardianship; transitioned into the Working Group

      1. APAC and NA/EMEA WG meetings

      2. 2 key documents from the WG are going to be published by Sovrin Foundation - https://sovrin.org/a-deeper-understanding-of-implementing-guardianship/

        1. Implementation guidelines

        2. Technical requirements

    3. Why are we looking at Guardianship and SSI?

      1. Guardianship is a part of life - we are rarely fully self-sovereign or independent

      2. Guardianship is not a part of SSI at this moment - is a missing ingredient in our digital lives

      3. The group thought guardianship was a simple concept

        1. Small set of SSI building blocks …

        2. Gap between use cases and requirements was too broad (see slides)

        3. A mental model for guardianship was required (see IIW30 and IIW31 for further context)

        4. ‘Squiggle’ - the journey

      4. 5 things the team worked out

        1. Jurisdictions are essential (gives meaning to the guardianship relation)

        2. Should work with existing laws

        3. Guardianship can be built on verifiable credentials

        4. Build a mental model (and test it) - 15 functional requirements, 6 technical requirements, 3 validator requirements

        5. Don’t build guardianship solely on wallets (mitigate the risk of wallet takeover and impersonation)

      5. Transparent vs Opaque guardianship scenario

      6. 5 things to consider

        1. Should discovery be enabled

        2. Ensuring appropriate representation

        3. Receiving parties are key

        4. Balancing agency, dignity and care

        5. Transitions : recovery, expiry and ends

      7. Alignment with SSI and ToIP

        1. Guardianship creates a tension between independence and dependence

        2. An obvious relationship with the ToIP (the ToIP model/diagram)

        3. Mapping concepts of Guardianship with the Trust Triangle diagram

      8. Parties, Actors and Action pattern

    4. https://essif-lab.pages.grnet.gr/framework/docs/notations-and-conventions

    5. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/348325716_Decentralized_SSI_Governance_the_missing_link_in_automating_business_decisions