VRM + CRM(need help) Event – Sept 2012 Santa Clara

From IIW

VRM + CRM: Timing? Outreach? Coordination? Purpose? (W1B)

Convener: Judi Clark

Notes-taker(s): Judi Clark

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Four constituent groups:

  • CRM software sellers: oracle, IBM, salesforce, sugarCRM, MS Dynamics,
  • B2B:
  • VRM developers
  • media people who have been covering this: Mitch Leibeman & Josh Weinberger at CRM Magazine - also possible sponsors, is it still too early? Dennis Pombery?

Also Value-added resellers: Planetwork is working with Fujitsu, etc.

Hosting an effective open space: invitation (Kaliya) - knock here if you're interested approach would be effective. Check with key folks and their schedules.

Not like a Customer Commons event. New and mature developers getting together, finding common ground to move forward.

How ready-to-go are big developers? Drummond: code samples, here's how you would connect to personal cloud, demo apps included, pre-Cybos.

Doc: changing mission and constrain costs: hand-pick companies (Mydex, Personal, Singly, Qii, PDEC start-up circle)--do a speed-dating event.

Planetwork is focused on bringing technology to the table. Next 2-3 years to make it happen. (Judi will talk with Kelly about PDEC doing this event.)

Collaborative, innovative effort to get parties together, see what we can build.

Venue: Doc says he'd be surprised if Stanford didn't have a space. Also Newstar might have a room (east coast, DC area) auditorium. Also Harvard or MIT. Brad Feld and others gave money to Singly, so Denver/Boulder may be a possibility. Barbara Bowden has connections in this area.

Things in VRM dev community are moving along, but unevenly.

Kaliya offered her event infrastructure to mash-up or organize this event.

VRM is perceived by CRM as challenging their business. They may not want to lend credibility to an effort that challenges what they're doing. They want to keep moving their own work forward.

Retailers: Doc has spoken to Best Buy, some people are open & listening. Robert Stevens left a month ago, is relocating his family to west coast.

Barbara working with Interest networks, also a possibility to do event in Minneapolis.

Focus on end-game, trying to advance where this is going from user and vendor perspective. Future Business Relationships as focus, or Customer Relationships. Everyone with loyalty scheme would show up.

Following release of Doc's book, event in Sept. This meeting is to discuss what this means to the future of customer relationships. Thought of sending out a copy of the book to Fortune 100 picks: Nordstrom, Walmart, etc.

What do we want to accomplish? Critical mass of VRM companies that have solutions, ready and willing to demo to CRM and customers, to establish that is a signal. Barbara could be ready, Drummond could (likely) be ready. William and Mydex might be ready. Showcase certain products and companies--why not feature at SweetWorld or other CRM events? or speaking sessions, collaboration speaking, breakout events? Might get drowned out. CRM companies have their own events.

Connections between VRM and CRM doesn't need to be proven but it's inevitable. SugarCRM is open development. Doc might call Nick Halsey --could we do a VRM implementation by Sugar's spring conference? Develop for prototype implementations. (Specific tactical follow-through)

Any industries leading? (Ford was at Berkman last event) Talking with banking, credit reporting agencies, real estate, medical.

Bottom line: September may not be the most optimal time to hold this event to connect CRM and VRM communities generally, but makes sense for PDEC and Start-up Circle to convene a conversation.