Anonymous Authentication – How Does it Help our Life

From IIW

Session Topic: Anonymous Authentication

Wednesday 3H

Convener: Kazue Sako

Notes-taker(s): Tom Brown

Presentation slides are available from the convener at

Issuer, claimant, verifier

Verifier checks claimant has claimed attribute without learning identifier of the claimant.

Issuer vouches that attribute belongs to claimant but won't know that claimant is buying beer.

Even if the verifier and issuer collude, they cannot identify claimant

  • blind signatures
  • group signatures
  • ring signatures
  • zero knowledge proofs
  • ISO IEC 20009-3
  • ISO IEC 29191
  • ISO IEC 20009-2

2 Types of verifications

  • Level 2: Verify that this claimant belongs to the group
  • Level 1: Who in the group performed the transaction (privileged operation)

Merchant can validate credit card information without learning credit card number

The issuer can also be anonymous to the verifier