VRM Loyalty Cards in Real World

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Notes from our first VRM session at IIW. Led by Chris Carfi.

(participants please correct or expand)

VRM and loyalty cards.

Chris showed <http://scanaroo.com>, which gives users a way to collect visual versions of their loyalty cards in one app on an iPhone. "Very much a 1.0 product right now." But with lots of potential.

We talked about that potential...

From USER's side, what can be done to improve the experience --

and the function.

WE advertise to THEM.

Expressing needs and wants

BugMeNot for Loyalty.

Shopping cart tracking / time shifted checkout (go through store checking out while moving)

Publishing shopping list exclusively to outfits to which we are loyal through Scanaroo (or the equivalent)

Eport/portability of info

"my history" -- a MINT.com for shopping

"Share a Deal"

  • location
  • product
  • time
  • store
  • me
  • price
vendors could subscribe to user data

Tagging/Folksonomy... XDI-like

Store Map + item location

Subscribe to 1,2 (at price)

The "Doc Searls" (or anybody) loyalty program. Stores are loyal to individuals, rather than vice versa. Leverage ID standards. e.g...



Concierge/personal shoper

"Find me the nearest X"

Site components (for scanaroo.com or whatever)