The Business Imperative of User-Driven Data

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User Driven Data is better for Business. WHY?

User-Driven: Owned, originated, voluntary information sharing

"Why voting is better than a dictatorship" - Marketplace going through this growth process now

Where is the leverage for driving adoption?

Business behavior must be better.

 - How they use our data
 - How they interact with us


 - Less guesswork
 - Cost savings
 - Accuracy
 - Data Entry
 - Security
 - Less adversarial
 - Move to "conversation"
 - Better relationship/trust
 - Better business intelligence
 - (Need vertical-specific vases...)
 - Enable visibility on future plans
 - Less M.L.U.T. when intentions are known (is M.L.U.T. correct? Can't read my own handwriting! - dcd)
 - Aligned incentives