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What topics or critical questions do you want to discuss or present/lead a discussion about at IIW DC?

  • Government's role as an Identity Oracle (Attribute Provider)
  • Extending the Identity Ecosystem with X.509/PKI/CAC
  • OpenID
  • OpenID user experience improvements
  • Personal data stores and XDI and Identity Commons 3.0
  • Current comercial industry trends in RESTful IdAM
  • Identity as Socio-Economic Infrastructure
  • Online identity proofing and strong authentication for citizens and C2G web applications
  • online voter/constituent verification
  • Applications of identity to and leveraging open identities to foster scientific collaborations
  • Privacy
  • Identity Assurance
  • Strong Authentication of Users
  • NSTIC, OpenID evolution, privacy
  • Publishing data portability policies
  • Identity Subject privacy; rich identity models; choice
  • PDS and i-broker interfaces
  • Microsoft Identity Management products - ADFS, FIM, etc.
  • How to survive in a dwindling economy...
  • Online privacy and identity in the Gov 2.0 Age
  • Web Authentication
  • Trust Frameworks, Legal issues, dynamic legal and market structures to address change in identity systems over time
  • Next-get technologies for Web auth/authz
  • Governance models for effective identity online
  • Interoperability of user-centric (B2C, A2C) with organization-centric (B2B) IDM

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW DC?

  • XACML Sucks, Lets Do Something Easier
  • OAuth
  • Identity Commons 3.0
  • Performance of distributed authZ systems
  • Update on the plan for ICAM / NSTIC to address higher levels of assurance using OpenID, SAML and other identity / auth protocols and technologies
  • Expectations for online Identity and the importance of identity verification.
  • Trust Frameworks
  • Strong Authentication of Users
  • government plans, community evolution
  • The role of local and regional government in Internet identity distinct from federal, corporate, and international identities
  • Tech advances; TFPs; NSTIC;
  • Business Models
  • Federation within state government
  • Gov level web authentication
  • What are ALL stakeholders needs (so that we can work to construct consensus driven enforceable duties to address those needs)
  • use of open identity to preserve privacy
  • "The role of ""identity providers.""
  • Identity Proofing and Improvements to Usability
  • Evolving ideas around governance
  • use cases and business models in federated IDM

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity you hope to discuss with peers at IIW.

  • Who should own it and will the public trust it?
  • personal data store interoperability
  • Patient centric medical federation
  • What scale are opportunities being considered on?
  • With the rise of attribute services and identity providers online, how will users centrally manage their identities across all of these (proprietary) services?
  • GRM
  • What's the next step for the NSTIC ?
  • Impilcations of NSTIC
  • Interoperable Standards
  • how to acheive real privacy and trust
  • How to build flexibility and responsiveness into eGov identity programs
  • "What is meant by ""identity"" and by whom?"
  • How to create a sustainable eco system for identities and services that is fun to use and rewards all parties
  • Privacy vs Open Government (espicially in the Criminal Justice community)
  • How owns our identity online?
  • abount user-centric identity and banking-level authentication.
  • Do any of the existing user-centric identity systems satisfy the needs of NSTIC, or do we need something new?
  • What roles to large institutions (corporations, govt, other groups) play in gathering, verifying, and utilizing identity information?
  • The business case for becoming an IdP, addressing risk and liability, creating an FDIC for identity, educating and training the masses, creating identity notaries for proofing people
  • Incentivization
  • convergence SAML/OpenID