Permission vs Consent

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Issue/Topic: Permission and Consent

Monday – Session 3 - F

Conference: IIW10 May 17-19, 2009 this is the complete Complete Set of Notes

Convener: Kevin Marks

Notes-taker(s): Stacey Pitsillides

Notable URLS: Proposal discussed -

Video of Session:

Discussion Notes:

  • User name/ password model
  • More comprehensible to people
  • You were doing what with my stuff???
  • Meaningful choice about what I’m providing
  • How many users they’ve got to sign up/ not how many users understand
  • what they’ve signed up for.
  • What am I giving permission for this thing to do?
  • Is this app gonna do something bad to me, do people I know and trust, trust it
  • App invites – neg half of it
  • The app is able to deduce who my friends are?
  • Holding the app – personal context
  • Quality, copy, disappointment
  • Permissions you give to that app
  • Disclosure- this app demands these things and you cant switch them off
  • Binary yes or no!
  • Info to help you make your choice
  • “we need you e-mail” wait till you have the reason to answer the
  • question - gets them more e-mail addys that you cannot use
  • trade- want that- prove your value
  • know when your gonna use it
  • bring the user to you ?? design system so
  • consent for sharing – abstract idea of groups
  • delegating identity back to you – empathy
  • statement of purpose
  • the cake is a lie – Randy Farmer
  • specific statements of claims – say the following things on my app-
  • when you make an assertion…. Separation between app provider
  • classify apps – different ?
  • im a level 3 guaranteed app
  • set of purposes mapped to a set of capabilities
  • sensitivity of information – defaults – exception – purpose statements
  • compared to categories
  • redemption ? new app 0 is better then -5 ask forgiveness button /
  • reputation decay ?
  • post on my behalf
  • this spams me
  • promises, drag the canneries in – initial promise
  • how you develop trust?
  • Abuse mitigation tool
  • Curated computing - social curation within an app store
  • How do you scale trust without a legal framework ??