OpenID Contract Exchange and Japan Update

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Issue/Topic: Japan Status Update

Convener: Nat Sakimura

Tags: Adoption OpenID Contract Exchange CX Payment

Discussion notes:

Shared the progress in Japan. OIDF-J now has 54 member companies. It has become the center of gravity for this kind of work because of the membership composition. People feel that the consensus built here will be de-facto standard profile in Japan and needs to get involved.

How it was achieved?

OIDF-J approached three sengmenst in pararel: Consumer, Business&Tech Community, Government.

For Consumer, we kept making news so that magazines and news papers keep producing stories.

For Business & Tech communities, we did monthly seminars, which proved to be extremely popular. Tech event has always been putting emphasis on security, so that “OpenID cannot be secure” kind of argument has disappeared. For Business Seminars, each member companies are revealing their business plans around OpenID and stimulating each other.

In addition, we did over 100 in person customer visit to educate them. Also, we did so many brainstorm sessions with them so that they can come up with new business ideas using OpenID.

For Government, we have been doing educational session in various goverment agencies and committees, that now we are involved in guidelines(*1) creations and pilot studies.

Has kicked off bunch of SIGs, most notably, Payment SIG, which is discussing on creating a standard profile for making payment over OpenID based on Artifact Binding Proposal + AX Req/Res Proposal + Contract Format (mutually digitally signed legal document for non repudiation.)

(*1) Risk Guidelines, Authentication Guidline, E-Signature Guideline, etc.