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Convener: Eric Sachs Notes-taker(s): Eric Sachs

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Trusted Email Profile

Use case: Many websites with a large installed-base of accounts that login with Email & password would like to become OpenID relying parties. However they only way to support IDPs who provide a higher success rate then their current approach for both registration and login rates. Instead of each website identifying those IDPs, they would like a central neutral organization like OIX to maintain a list of IDPs who meet certain known requirements. The following profile lists those known requirements.

The IDP must:

• support a PAPE request to indicate that the IDP's assertion should follow this specific certification profile

• meet all requirements of the GSA OpenID ICAM Profile except the requirement to avoid sending PII to the RP

• use an authentication scheme that is at least as strong as the suggested best practices for the ICAM profile

• have a historic 99.5% uptime of its authentication and OpenID IDP system

• NOT require the RP to pre-register with the IDP or enter into a legal contract with the IDP to use that IDP API (similar to the model of SMTP)

• support OpenID discovery based on either the domain name (using directed identity) or an Email address in that domain (using webfinger)

• support AX requests for the AX "email" parameter and return that parameter on every request, even if it has not changed

• only return the email address that the logged in account receives over the open Internet via the IDP's SMTP service (and thus is equivalent to traditional email validation)

• return a global, unchanging and non-recycled OpenID claimed URL for the account

• show at most one page in 99% of the consent flows once the user is authenticated

• default to NOT requiring the user to re-enter their password during the OpenID flow if the user had already been authenticated by the IDP before the OpenID request was made

• default to auto-approving future logins by a user to the same RP

• support checkid_immediate

• support the PAPE openid.pape.max_auth_age parameter, though it can choose to always re-authenticate the user no matter what value is passed in that parameter

• auto-detect mobile and non-JS browsers and show consent pages that a friendly for them