OpenID Bootstrapping ID-WSF 2.0

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This presentation showed 4 applications using OpenID SSO, sharing a backend ID-WSF 2.0 environment. Each application utilizes the ID-WSF plumbing for different purposes across the same data. It should be noted up front that the permissions for some of the data exchange would be handled by a player not mentioned in the demo, an ID-WSF 2.0 Interaction Service, which would insure at any necessary step that the user has verified the exchange of information and the modification of information.

The visible players:

"asa" the user in this identity thick environment

"RED-ID" an OpenID Provider (OP) that provides "asa" with SSO and has access to asa's ID-WSF environment so that it can provide end point references to the other applications allowing them access as well.

"PAdMan" the Personal Address Manager (P.A.M.) that gives "asa" access to his ID-WSF 2.0 Personal Profile Service

"DUDEyll" the custom rolled twitter software

"ID-TELE" a telephone company that is capable of reading address information from a personal Profile Service, and is capable of setting Subscriptions and reading notifications of an

The invisible players:

In no particular order.

OpenLiberty ID-WSF 2.0 Client Library which provides simple access to asa's ID-WSF environment

Conor Cahill's Server Toolkit provides the ID-WSF 2.0 server environment, hosting the Personal Profile Service

sxip OpenID for Java is the java library that was used to create a simple OP and each RP.

Apple's WebObjects the application environment (rather than JSP) used to roll the 4 applications.

OpenSAML Java Libraries providing the xml tooling for the OpenLiberty Client Library

The Liberty Alliance providing the specifications, intelligent thinkers, and excellent support (from liberty members, many of whom were at IIW)

Download the presentation