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Welcome to the Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) Wiki


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Next Internet Identity Workshops

IIW #12 will be in May 3-5, 2011. Dates will be announced in December 2010.

We are working on collaborating the Kantara Initiative on a community unconference before RSA on February 14th. It will be run like IIW with attendees creating the agenda live the day of the event.


We are considering hosting IIW Satellite events on the East Coast of the United States and in Europe in 2011. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in helping/participating. (

We have an announcement list that you can subscribe to if you would like to get an e-mail when new IIW & IOS events are announced.

Previous Internet Identity Workshops

  • #9: Fall 2009 iiw9 TUESDAY November 3 to THURSDAY November 5.
  • #7: Fall iiw2008b (2008B)- Nov 10-12 - Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA
  • 6: Spring iiw2008a (2008A)- May 12-14, 2008 - Computer History Museum, Mountain View, CA

Previous Identity Open Spaces

Identity Open Space events are co-produced by the IIW team (Phil, Kaliya, Doc) in collaboration with other organizations and events. To date we have worked with Digital Identity World and the Liberty Alliance. We are open to working with a variety organizations - if you are interested please don't hesitate to contact us.

September 2007 at Digital Identity World

May 2007 following a Liberty Alliance Meeting in Brussels, Belgium

September 2006 at Digital Identity World

July 2006 following a Liberty Alliance Meeting in Vancouver, Canada

Previous Identity Birds of a Feather Meetings

June 2006 Identity Gang Birds of a Feather Session at Burton Group Conference, San Francisco

January 2006 Identity Speed Geeking Session at O'Reilly's Emerging Telephony Conference

December 2005 Pre-Syndicate Informational Morning for Developers