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May 12-14 in Mountain View, CA.




Attendees 2008a

What is this Workshop About

At the heart of the workshop is a practical idealism in working towards the shared vision of a decentralized, user-centric identity layer for the Internet.

With the way the web was built as 'pages' there were no tools set to controls on how the information about you is used. We bring together people working on the tools to support people managing their identity and data online in ways that give them control.

It is not about any specific technology it is a place to discuss multiple, interoperating – and possible competing – identity standards and reputation networks.

As part of Identity commons we create opportunities for both innovators and competitors, for both the big guys and the small fry to come together in a safe and balanced space.

There are a range of project in the community

  1. There are open standards efforts, open protocols, open conceptual models, open source projects to implement open standards and protocols.
  2. There are projects to address social and legal implications of these technologies.
  3. There are efforts to rethink the business models and opportunities avaliable with these new technologies.

User-Centric Identity is:

  • the ability use ones identifier on more then one site
  • who sees what information about you
  • presence and profile information
  • the ability maintain multiple identities

As a consumer the expression of presences and ability to aggregated purchase history. It will also give you the ability to control data from various locations.

Improving Existing Legal Constructs

  • Privacy

New Legal constructs

  • Limited Liability Persona's

New Business models

  • Identity Oracle

Citizenship Perspective:

  • How can we co-ordinate and work together

Innovators who are leading the development of Standards who participate in IIW include.

Open Standards

Standards Interop

Major Information Card Projects

Browser Based Card Selectors

Multi-Protocol Open Source Projects

Industry Consortia

Groups Addressing Legal/Social/Business Issues

How does it Work

Like the last IIW, we plan to organize this event using open space principles. We will make the schedule when we are face to face the morning of the 2nd day of the conference. We do this in part because the field is moving so rapidly that we your organizing team are in no position to know what needs to be talked about. We do know great people who will be there and it is the attendees who have a passion to learn and contribute to the event that will make it.

Also like the previous three workshops, we will hold IIW2008a at the Computer History Museum. The space there is perfect for this kind of event. We expect a large and energized community to attend and are counting on plenty of participation. Don't be put off by that, however, if you're just getting into this. Come and learn--the first day is designed to get everyone up to speed. You won't be disappointed.

Sector Invitations