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Reflection on the event from participants, end of day question, complete the following: As a result of today….

  • I’m updated on where Identity is heading. Only IIW can do this
  • I will go back to my company and win the battles on identity and data policies
  • I go home with a broadened mind
  • I met some significant individuals dealing with similar issues to me, a common language, common concerns, surprisingly a certain reticence to deal with the bigger picture implications etc…
  • I hadn’t realized the depth of thought from a philosophical perspective in Identity; I had thought it was all technology
  • I’m more convinced that the right people are paying attention to the privacy implications of technology
  • The future changed for the better. Hopefully including “UK Gov end user privacy sensitive national ID infrastructure
  • I have several very useful contacts
  • I will bequeath my personal data to my kids!!
  • I’m more confused, but at a higher level :-) Great day!
  • I am more convinced Educational is a key area for investment
  • I’m excited about the picture, not just on the web, but also computing and networked society. Can’t wait to build something cool.
  • I learned some new and interesting things and talked to new people who inspired me!
  • I found some new “brothers in arms” and expanded the scope of my projects with new, interesting broader areas
  • I have a clearer picture of the identity ecosystem and opportunities
  • deploy a One Social Web node, and connect with the wider world!!
  • I will use as many identities as I want on line – still!!
  • I have a wide network of friends in the ID community
  • I’m going to talk to Dave Birch some more
  • I don’t feel alone anymore! Yeay – everything is possible
  • I will continue to expand and build out the story around personal data management
  • I’m going to have a lot more work to do
  • I feel I have a community of people who can help me get things done
  • Found my ID
  • I must look at Web ID!
  • We are planning more activities
  • I’m more aware of how corporations are already tracking our personal information and less convinced that the general public can be persuaded that this a problem….
  • Social Networking is part of next gen identities
  • I got to know more interesting people in this field