IIW 29 Proposed Topics

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Register here for IIW 29: https://iiw29.eventbrite.com

What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at this IIW?

  • "OpenID Connect for Identity Assurance
  • OAuth Security"
  • Multilateral federation and privacy
  • KERI Key Event Receipt Infrastructure for DKMI. Distributed Consensus. SeedQuest. Didery
  • Personal identity management solutions; factors that influence people's adoption of personally identifiable information.
  • Exploring the Intersection of Digital Presence and Human Nature/Politics. Digital Aikido - the art of maintaining balance in the midst of influential human/digital forces.

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?

  • OpenID Connect, current status of SSID normalization / standardization efforts, trust models in SSID.
  • Future of decentralized identity network; next generation PIMS services
  • How the community's effort in design spec and standards may be best able to consider the digital citizen and vice versa.
  • Risk Based authentication Account Recovery Continuous Authentication FIDO1&2
  • "Blockchain-based Identity, Biometrics, Identity Verification for Internet Payments, Identity Verification for Internet Payment,
  • Cryptographic Credentials, IoT & Data Liberation & Portability"
  • Pairwise / P2P Communications, Off-ledger activities
  • Verifiable claims, rebooting web of trust, user-centric identity in the distributed social network, digital contracts in the modern identity ecosystem
  • Self-sovereign identity

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity and data you hope to discuss with peers at IIW?

  • How can we better bring language and understanding to the user level so we have coherent and confident digital citizens.
  • What are some unique ways to reduce the trackable "digital exhaust" that is made available to data brokers / trackers?
  • "How can user-centric identity best co-exist with distributed autonomous agents?
  • What kind of distributed social network features are needed to support the envisioned modern identity ecosystem?
  • Where do current and emerging identity standards fit in with user-centric digital ownership, digital asset transfer, and bi-directional digital contracts?"
  • How to adopt low-tech people/organization to use SSI.