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Meeting notes from May 14th Infrastructure meeting at IIW.

Attendees: Fen Labalme, Eugene Kim, Kaliya Hamlin, Mary Ruddy, Mark Nakimura, Bob Snodgrass, Brian Walker(Parity), Bob Blakley,

1)Fen's status Fen provided an update on the infrastructure conversion efforts. All the web services are now served by the new box. Need to set up DNS, then get Stas access to move mail over.

There are two people using for the IMAP. Don't want to have to support IMAP on the new box. We need to notify them and get them moved off.

There are also ~10 people using email forwarding.

2) Having the Identity Gang use a separate mailing list. Since Phil and Paul weren't available this item was deferred to a separate call.

3) Mailing list slowness

3) Vision for working group wiki pages. Have a summary list of working groups with descriptions to let people know about the different working groups. Have administrative page for each group that has information about their mailing list and stewards and their contact info. etc.

4) It was pointed out that we don't really want to be in the business of managing/defending IdCommons from SPAM.

4) Project to document old archives. There is a need to have someone review the old archives and document the historically significant (critical content) information. Judi is available to review the old. This project is expected to take 6 calendar months. Would need funding to pay her.

5) Bob asked questions about the new system. The new server is a virtual server, with Debian and security fire wall, RAID, nightly backups and weekly remote backup. There is a UPS. Are the backups being tested monthly?

Action items:

  • Send email to Andrew Nelson and Owen Davis who are using email.
  • Outsource email to an inexpensive email service that can be OpenID enabled. This could be done with Electronic embers. ~$25 per month for 20 groups and $1 for each additional group.
  • Verify that backups are being tested monthly.
  • Move list of working groups and descriptions to the website.