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'''Conference [[Notes_iiw8|IIW8]]  Room/Time:''' 8/E (post close)
'''Conference [[Notes_iiw8|IIW8]]  Room/Time:''' 8/E (post close)

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Conference IIW8 Room/Time: 8/E (post close)

Convener: Mike Osborn



Technology Discussed/Considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

E - explaining identity to business people - whiteboard capture..jpeg

More concrete now, real things

Create a story that business guys can use.

Reality of how work with internal folks to care.

Straw man – need the big picture. Fine line between empowerment and chaos. Define an endpoint. Like seeing the picture on a jigsaw puzzle box.

See Mike’s strawman

We are all connected to ubiquitous web Now added all this capability on top of web These things are done

What is the killer app for the ubiquitous web

Straw man is that the killer app is trusted services. Trusted services is endpoint

Today – Anti social, ungraceful, untrusted

VRM adds grace

Data portability, contracts, are needed

Need open stack

Discussion proceeds

Customer acquisition - Also need to tie it to business proposition of acquiring and keeping customers. Customer retention

Trusted services can help with customer retention. Also, can use social framework to leverage customer retention.

Need to create the market All businesses want more personal experience for users. Need to know more about users Users are giving the information to more sites than anywhere. So many people using more. So, leverage the information captured to the extent possible.

Business will tell you that there is friction in many consumer service contacts. Lost passwords are one of biggest problems.

Guys responsible for eliminating friction are not armed with ways to fix this. As a community if can set expectation of the better way, that will change the dynamic.

Now the big providers want to be the identity entrance to the web. Trick is how to set it up.

Is this premature.

Also, question if have treated this as a systems problem. Look at different sites with different problems, not entirety of the space.

Create a map of where problems are. What is the product?

Iceberg with much under the water.

There is a cost avoidance pitch, but also opportunity.

This is an interoperability issue, but the issue here is tougher than patent cross licensing. Need to build reliability for trust.

Open stack – integrated messaging story. If build a more cohesive open stack.

If have an account in facebook. Folks are participating in the creation of the open stack. Evolutionary growth. Silos are a fact, harness their energy, not conquer them. Make as few system design issues as necessary.

Identity systems, using compatible cryptography, roles, claims and attributes.

Commercial liability – That is the next step when have adoption.

What is the high level message. If you put our different solutions with different things. Maybe better to speak about the entire landscape.

There are issues, but have significant benefits.

CIO does not care about the tech stack.

Pain avoidance and revenue generation.

Generate common definitions related to services.

The old story was bricks and mortar versus e-commerce.

New story is not a walled garden any more, users have need to interoperability.

Start with business use cases and business value. The supporting messaging is the open stack presence and the notion of interoperability.

Make the open stack not scary.

If have a common business story o


Instinct is that right on the verge.

Trusted services as the new moniker.

Acquire customers, keep customers, revenue, cost reduction. Create a competitive advantage

This is what businesses need to be hearing.

CIO is the constraining barrier.

Missing the person. Why would a person want to use the technology. Identity branding – new movement. Consumers should know about having their identity brand. Folks should want their identity brand.

In B2B

Clarify the requirement

  • Label (better than ID) – like “cloud”
  • Rhetoric – Need strong rhetoric to inform thinking
  • Stories – collect stories of success and failure
  • Not have a trade publication – where are the stories about success.
  • Need trade media to capture the stories

Share the process story and why made the purchasing decision.

Open ID versus Card guys

If have a constellation – Find the clusters

Group exists online to continue contributions.

Cloud computing is fundamentally different.

Social Web – Term very broad – social as a key word is already interesting to