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As a result of today...

  • ... I have advanced multiple goals, have had with issues of identity and policy. success.
  • ... I learned about high assurance which helped in understanding its role as service providers and consumers.
  • ...Importance of personal data storage for consumers
  • ...I suspect that future IIW's should focus on the personal data store ecosystem?
  • ...I will write a blog entry about Attribute and Identity Providers" regarding separate roles and list some use cases.
  • .... I was able to find other who were interested in addressing the non-technical aspects of user-centric identity.
  • ....I'm happy to listen various themes for identity.
  • ....I would like to hear " the use case" of trusted framework and attribute data exchanges.
  • ....(language, tech, protocol, Auth, Authz) barrier is very high. but interesting!!
  • ....more involved in personal data locker activities
  • ...I have more questions than I showed up with although several ones have been answered.
  • ...I have learned more about the IdM community and issues others are experiencing. Tomorrow would like to learn more about the implementation of 4 assurance levels (especially for level 3 and 4)
  • ....I will look in to the project and examine XDI service descriptors.
  • ....I am more aware of un-conference format, aware of some thoughts of future personal data, on the web.
  • ...I'm happier to have learned there are people much smarter then me working on the issues...but glad to have been able to contribute in some way!
  • ... I have more contacts in the identity space
  • ....I have shared my companies vision with others in space
  • .... gained knowledge on interesting aspects of identity
  • ....I am going to look up the blog posts about "data ownership"
  • .... I learned about 3 interesting projects that I never would have heard of, and heard the presepctive of people that I otherwise would not have spoken to.
  • ....I have realized how many alteratives I need to research in order to resolve some of my (previously unresolved) use cases
  • .... more academic approaches
  • ....i'm looking forward to tomorrow.
  • ... I have a better understanding of obstacles involved with productive structuring of identity.
  • .... i have some new perspectives on identity and NSTIC in particular.
  • ....I have a lot of extra repentance on Yom Kippur -- L'shana Tovah! Happy New Year, IIW! 5771
  • i the first time for me (us) to attend IIW. At first, I wonder because i don't know how to participate in the discussion. Next time, on November, we will attend again with our session, to introduce our issue and our proposals.
  • ....I'm ready for these [personal data stores] to exist so I can take control of my stuff.
  • ....I appreciate more that the government's weird problems are not necessarily unique.
  • ....I will follow up with new contacts I made
  • ....I learned about another layer of complexity under the policy assumptions regarding ID
  • ....I will communicate my learnings to my colleagues.
  • ....I have met new people and learned new things. And I don't think that personal information shoudl be treated as property.
  • ....I will put on a workshop bringing together ID Providers with developers and readers of citizen engagement software to make significant progress on the problem of voter/constituent online identity.
  • ....I now have a seed list of technologies to bug about nettlesome policy questions. Look out technologists!
  • ...And dispite the high level Intro, I didn't see a great interest in attendees in busienss approach around Identity and new tools that are built for. Maybe its not the event for that?
  • ...I've met a doze important people in the identity space that I didn't previously know.
  • ...there are still no answers
  • ...I have gained a higher interest in various levels of assurance
  • ....I met people I worked with for years but previously only know by voice.
  • ....I am less ignorant and more confused
  • ...I gained a better understanding of government policy and open questions. Would like more discussion on possible answers and how we can help drive those to resolution.
  • ....I have taken a strong public position on the importance of encoding the meta-data inthe same format as the data.
  • ...I'm more convinced then ever that OAuth needs message signing.
  • ...I am more concerned then ever about the looming Uber Furher of identity. The Gov looks to push this into private industry and the industry is responding with enthusiasm. Maybe this would be what the next gen wants; I hope they like it when the get it.

  • New atmosphere, new people, with a lot of interesting discussion!
  • Technology and framework/policy is the wheels of vehicle, looking forward for tomorrow and next west-coast IIW! Next step is more technology forward!!