5H/ Will Nationalism – Populism – Isolationism kill identity Fed attribute exchange? How do we prevent the reification of Statism in next gen ID systems & thought

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Will nationalism, populism, isolationalism kill identity exchange? How to prevent the reification of statism?

Thursday 5H

Convener: Kaliya

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

This was a wide-ranging discussion. 

Books to READ - Seeing like a state. 



We have built a vast book keeping system. 

Some issues we are dealing with is when states go bad. How do we prevent their systems from being used for evil.   

How do people without states actually get identity?

People NEED identity as attested by person, place, thing. 

States define what is and isn’t legal. 

There can be offenses at the point of  use - or the point of trade  (such as no adds). 

This could even be about moving  certain types of data across boarders - but then they are also watching to see what is happening…

A VERY INVASIVE SYSTEM -… the cuddly police state is emerging. 

We had a world that was local and distributed and now there is all this finding and sorting. 

Two interesting state developments. 

With the AD-Tech and Identity requirements in the  EU. 

The browsing in the US of EU citizens. 

Recent rulings (I asked which ones but no one knew the name of the case) The United States said that data stored abroad by US companies is still subject to US law. 

As populism grows/rises and states seek to reify themselves. 

So with the US Travel ban on people from various countries could we see some kind of equivalent digital travel ban?

Exchanging attributes about certain people is 

Ideas from Mei-Lin

We are still on the equivalent of the Louis and Clark expedition to the digital frontier. 

The revolutionary war happened because of Mad King George and how people were treated. 

 It also happened because of the vast open frontier that people had to go . 

With Identity we are on this new frontier.