What is Sovrin? How to become a Sovrin Steward. Self Sovereign Identity 102

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What is Sovrin? How to Become a Sovrin Steward. Self Sovereign Identity 102

Wednesday 1A

Convener: Phil Windley, Drummond Reed, Joe Andrieu, Ridley Hughes

Notes-taker(s): Drummond Reed

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

In this session, Drummond first repeated portions of the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) 101 session from Monday (see the notes from Monday 5B).

Then Phil Windley followed by explaining key concepts about how the Sovrin Foundation is implementing SSI in the Sovrin network. He covered the following terms (all of which are defined in the Sovrin Glossary):

  • Trustee—one of the individuals who serve on the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Steward—one of the trusted institutions who run nodes of the Sovrin public permissioned ledger (see the public list here)
  • Identity Owner—the term used instead of "user" for all participants in the Sovrin network
  • Agent—the software module that works in conjunction with a wallet to form connections and exchange digital credentials peer-to-peer on the Sovrin network. Agents are either edge agents, operating on an identity owner's own local devices, or cloud agents, hosted by a third-party provider called an agency.
  • Wallet—the secure module (typically in some combination of hardware and software) where an identity owner stores the owner's private keys and other secrets
  • Trust framework—a document, typically implemented as a shared community contract, specifying the business, legal, and technical (BLT) policies by which a community agrees to achieve trust online.

Phil explained how the Sovrin Trust Framework operates as the constitution for the Sovrin network, and how as of that day, 28 stewards had been approved by the Sovrin Foundation and 15 were live on the Sovrin ledger.

Phil closed by explaining that any organization interested in becoming a Sovrin steward can start out by contacting the Foundation via the contact page at https://sovrin.org/contact/. 


  1. IIW Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity
  2. The Sovrin Glossary
  3. The Sovrin Trust Framework