What Are The ‘Wallets’ visions/projects – Do We Need a Working Group?

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What Are The ‘Wallets’ visions/projects – Do We Need a Working Group?

Tuesday 4A

Convener: Kaliya @identitywoman

Notes-taker(s): Kaliya @identitywoman

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Wallets we Identified

BlockPass     https://blockpass.org   Sovrin DID? (someone said this in the session)

QiyFoundation  (Dapper)  https://www.qiyfoundation.org Sovrin DID (someone said this in the session)

Veres One (server side)  DID http://www.veres.one

Pillar Crypto 1st https://pillarproject.io

uPort  DID http://www.uport.me

connect.me (Evernym)  Sovrin DID http://www.connect.me http://www.evernym.com

Trusted Key https://www.trustedkey.com

BlockCerts  DID https://www.blockcerts.org

LifeID https://lifeid.io

Blockstack  DID https://blockstack.org

SecureKey https://securekey.com

Civic https://www.civic.com

ShoCard https://shocard.com https://www.diro.io

DigiMe https://digi.me

MSFT?  (DID Auth)

HIE of One http://hieofone.org

Jolocom https://jolocom.com

Beyond the session

DataWallet - https://datawallet.com/index.html

One Pager - https://datawallet.com/pdf/datawallet_one_pager.pdf

What are the capabilities of Crypto Wallets? ID Wallets?

They all have Backup and can Sign Messages

This diagram was drawn during the session to articulate the overlap and the differences. Originally it was just a currency and an Identity Wallet but then it was clear there was another category of Personal Data Stores, Agents and Personal Information Management Systems that related to Identity aspects but didn’t become  crypto wallet. 

The question is - does their need to be a wallet working group to ensure interoperability.