What’s Going on With DID-Auth? & SSI + SIOP, OIDC DID Auth Demo

From IIW

What’s Going On With DID-Auth? + SSI & SIOP OiDC

Wednesday 7L

Convener(s): Lucas Tétreault & Tyler Ruff

Notes-taker(s): Lucas Tétreault

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The session was mostly on the SIOP work that Tyler Ruff and crew have been working on. They demo'd registering and authenticating to a website using SIOP OIDC with nothing in the middle to translate between the mobile device and the website. They talked about how they had extended the standard OIDC functionality to add some back-channel calls to authenticate from the phone instead of the browser.

A more general conversation on DIDAuth did not occur. It seems the community is focused on OIDC at this time and people see "DIDComms" as sufficient for any other use-case that requires authentication.