Life Scope – Meet Your Digital Twin – Data Hub/DB/Wallet + Identity + Cred + Me2B

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LifeScope: Meet Your Digital Twin (Data Hub/DB/Wallet + Identity + Cred + Me2B)

Thursday 11B

Convener: Liam Broza

Notes-taker(s): Liam Broza

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  • LifeScope started as a personal desktop Java app in 2010 named SmokeSignal
  • Introduction to the current LifeScope team and asking for more collaborators.
  • We went over the existential problem of trust and control of our data.
  • Went over simple descriptions of SSI, Credentials, and Data Proofs
  • Went over the history of projects similar to LifeScope: PDMs, PKMs, Solid, Data Wallets
  • Reviewed our current lack of biodata, HIPA, and our future plans for medical data.
  • Went through a demo of the LifeScope app and platform.
  • Reviewed our current API and OAuth implementation.

Discussion continued in afternoon session 12I: Digital Self (AI, HUB, DB, DID, SSI)

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