Identity for All 2 – how can tech present at IIW help with digital identity for marginalized populations?

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Identity For All (2): How Can Tech Present At IIW Help w/Digital Identity For Marginalized Populations?

Thursday 12A

Convener(s): Kristina Yasuda

Notes-taker(s): Pam Dingle

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Session 2: Identity for All

- How can we address these situations with technology

- recognition w/o tracking  -- not storing direct biometrics

- identify abuser/explain (eg an abuser is in an aid organization)

- revocation of contributed identity

- identity reconstruction

- trust waterfall

- Adaptation to local tech situation

Recognition w/o Tracking

- Cancellable biometrics

-- store template not actual picture

-- ISO industry standard for this - SC 37

- Name is changing from "cancellable biometrics" to something

Trust Waterfall

- guardianship of credentials in the cloud -- SpacemanID

-- "paper sovereign" or series of words

Readouts from Breakout Groups

Privacy vs Belonging

- tensions between privacy and need to belong

- local laws will require certain disclosure - this is a reality

- disclosing more than legal minimum becomes a need for convenience

- self-sovereign identity - what techniques can be applied for preserving privacy in that legal context

-- facial recognition:  emerging trend that invades this sense of privacy

-- other modalities such as 2d face or 1 finger makes sense for some things  but 3d face or iris are important for others

--- best practice is to store as little as possible in actual databases, eg identifier + template only

Recognition without Tracking

- Looked at a use case:

European refugee management - discussion on organization and efficiency versus privacy, in certain circumstandces privacy may need to be given up in pursuit of getting urgent access to services
What is more important?  Immediate support or maintaining privacy, even if technology is amazing?

- Legal situation when someone applies for status multiple times in multiple jurisdictions - what happens if someone has already enlisted to start the process?  if they are rejected?  Should that information be shared?

In the case of doctors without borders - if medical record is created, could that record be linked to the person as they travel through camps?

Trust Waterfall - another word for web of trust

-- Use case for migrant workers trying to get credit

- two things to counter abuse in a peer-to-peer systems

1) ZKP zero knowledge proofs - I can attest to abuse without being identified

2) Notable member of community/chief of tribe can influence reputation positively