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Tuesday 2A

Convener: John Jordon

Notes-taker(s): Jim Wowchuk & John Jordon

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

VON, Agent Demos

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

1. Notes provided by Jim Wowchuck:

Key understanding: a demonstration of an identity authentication, issuing, relying party connection and document/chat exchange using authenticated identities.

Steps were described and followed as per slide 1 (photo attached).

Most of the session was walking through participants through the process and providing ids for delegates.

Discussion followed on about the increasing integration between different agent providers using a set of criteria as discussed on slide 2 (photo attached).

There was continued discussion about a Connectathon last February where 6 different systems were verified as connecting. Evernym was not a system that passed, but this was not held as a lack of ability as much as direction of activities – they had more important features they were working on.

Acceptance that even with non-connecting apps, all family protocols have many of the features but with slightly different protocols.

John Jordon speaking:

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2. Link to presentation provided by John Jordon: