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Tuesday April 20, 2021

Session 1

1A/ Biometric COVID Verifiable Credential

1B/ 101 Session: OpenID Connect

1D/ Better and more secure methods for API authentication

1C/ COVID Credentials Initiative Update/Overview

1F/ Dynamic Disambiguation and Deconfliction of Complex Access Controls from Multiple Verifiable Sources

1H/ Building a Hyperledger Indy Network - Questions, discussion, etc.

1K/ GLEIF and KERI (Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation)

1L/ Mobile Agent Development FAQ

1P/ 9am PT: W3C CCG weekly call about VC HTTP APIs

Session 2

2A/ The Principles of User Sovereignty and A Unified Theory of Decentralization

2B/ 101 Session: OAuth2

2C/ godiddy.com - Universal DID Services

2D/ Why the Internet Needs DIDComm

2E/ Decentralized Semantics 101

2F/ OpenID Connect for W3C Verifiable Credential Objects

2K/ Security Considerations of KERI. Why and how KERI provides secure portability

Session 3

3A/ ION 101-401: what is ION (the public, permissionless DID network), how can you use it today, and what comes next

3B/ 101 Session: UMA - User Managed Access

3C/ Standard Interfaces for DID Create/Update/Deactivate

3D/ Data Unions, Banks, Coops, Fiduciaries etc -- has their time come?

3E/ Making The Intention Economy happen

3G/ Revocation: Introduction & Overview - goal is to connect

3H/ Biometric and digital identity

3I/ US Dept of Ed and Universal Wallet: Bring your wallet!

3K/ KERI Q&A basic introduction

3M/ Is the verifiable credential trust triangle incomplete?

Session 4

4A/ Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA): A global solution for data capture and semantic harmonization

4B/ 101 Session: Self Sovereign & Decentralized Identity

4C/ Introduction to Picos

4D/ Managing Authorization: Who Has What?

4E/ An introduction to The Authentic Data Economy

4G/ Guardianship Showcase - The Sovrin Working Group Tech Requirements and Implementation Guidelines

4I/ The did:indy DID Method - Future Indy Ledgers

4K/ Introducing: WACI (Wallet And Credential Interaction)

Session 5

5B/ OpenID Connect Claims Aggregation

Wednesday April 21, 2021

Session 6

No Sessions

Session 7

No Sessions

Session 8

No Sessions

Session 9

9A/ Secure Scuttlebutt Intro

Closing for 5 Sessions that were held & Opening / Agenda Creation for Upcoming Sessions

Session 10

10A/ Don't use DIDs, DIDs, nor DIDs: Change My Mind (a.k.a. Oh no he DIDn't)

10B/ Making The Intention Economy Happen, Part 2

10C/ COVID Credentials Initiative: Challenges & Learning

10D/ Directories in Distributed Identity

10E/ Integrating FIDO with Verifiable Credentials (8.30 am start)

10G/ Verifiable Credentials for Authentic Data in the Supply Chain

10H/ Self-Sovereign Communities of Self-Sovereign Agents

10I/ Internet Governance - UDDI - Universal Declaration of Digital Identity

10J/ OpenID Connect 4 Identity Assurance

10L/ Dynamic Data Economy: Digital Identity, Authentic Data Flows, Data Mesh and other dragons

Session 11

11A/ IIW verifiable credentials - Decentralized VC integration with Eventbrite and Qiqo chat. This session will review the implementation process, lessons learned, and community discussion on related use cases.

11B/ Group Credentials/Multi-Issuer Credentials

11C/ Rugged Identity: resilience for Identity of Things to bad latency, signal, power, physical integrity.

11D/ DIDComm V2: Implementation and integration 'technical' - did:key and did:keri resolvers, seamless and partial integrations-

11E/ BBS+ Credential Exchange in Hyperledger Aries

11F/ State of SSI in Europe and Necessity for Network-of-Networks (convened by Sovrin)

11H/ Semantic interoperability with layered schemas and linked data

11I/ Identity Escrow - Accountability AND Privacy

11K/ KERI: Centralized registry with decentralized control (KEL & TEL ) + DEMO

11M/ OpenID Connect: Session Management vs Privacy

11P/ Credential-based login to a Pico-based application

Session 12

12A/ Git as Authentic Data Creation Tool (a.k.a. what happened to did:git? a.k.a. independently verifiable, secure, developer sovereign, open source software supply chain)

12B/ Veres One (did:v1) Rubric Evaluation

12D/ IDunion Introduction and AMA (there will be another one tomorrow!)

12E/ IoT Swarms + SSI in constrained networks

12F/ Credentials Exchange - figuring it out - (Jello Bowl Death Match?) –

12G/ Use-cases: OIDC for Verifiable Credentials - How do you want to use Identity Provider you control?

12H/ Mapping FHIR JSON resource to W3C Vaccination vocabulary : A semantic data pipeline

12J/ Kepler: Permissioned Replicated Storage for Decentralized Applications

12K/ Credential Marketplaces

12L/ Managing VCs at Scale & the VC Stack

12M/ Sovrin Update: Supporting Commercial Development of SSI

12O/ Global Survey Findings: Current state of SSI

Session 13

13A/ Security Event Tokens, Subject Identifiers, and SSE/CAEP/RISC Java implementation

13B/ What's next for BBS+ LD-Proofs?

13C/ John Jordan AMA - ToIP, BC Gov, Spinal Cord Injuries

13D/ We evaluated 7 DID methods with the W3C DID Rubric! did:btcr, did:sov, did:ion, did:web, did:key, did:peer, did:ethr

13E/ VC-HTTP-API discussion -FAQ, vs other APIs, etc-

13F/ MOVE 78 - Human Deep Mind vs. Google Deep Mind (AlphaGo) How can Human Intention ever win??

13G/ Trust Registries - Good Health Pass - DIDs and X.509

13H/ GS1 2021 VC/DID Prototype Review: The Hero’s Journey

13I/ State of the DAO: Decentralized Governance

13J/ Dynamic Data Sharing Hub: A target component for criteria searches on distributed structured data

13K/ KERI Security #2 (Why Secure Portability is Hard and How KERI Solves it)

13L/ Browser APIs to enable OpenID Session Management and Privacy

Session 14

14A/ Identity Hub data storage and relay: unlocking the 99.99% of decentralized identity use cases

14B/ SNARK-based anonymous credentials

14C/ COVID Credentials Open Source Proposals at LFPH:CCI

14E/ DHS SVIP group: What we've done and how to participate

14F/ Trust Assurance in SSI / Verifiable Credential Ecosystems

14G/ SSI for Organizations: Who's behind this DID?

14H/ Realistically speaking: Identity reclamation/solutions for normies

14K/ Supply chain – ACDC and KERI + DEMO

14M/ Ceramic, SkyNet, LoRa, IoT. low bandwidth & memory, distributed network. Managing schemas, DIDComm, and V.C. in context

Closing Circle – Open Gifting & Opening for next 5 Sessions

Session 15

15A/ Presentation Tech - Lights, Camera, backgrounds, AMA, Happy hour?

Thursday April 22, 2021

Session 16

No Sessions

Session 17

No Sessions

Session 18

No Sessions

Session 19

19A/ Governance: Clarifying or confusing the marketplace?

Closing for 5 Sessions that were held & Opening / Agenda Creation for Upcoming Sessions

Session 20

20A/ DID chooser for SIOP

20B/ Agency By Design (Privacy is not Enough)

20C/ Digital COVID Vaccine Passports- Is there really a need or are we creating a false certainty in uncertain times?

20D/ UDDI & UDDR - Common language once and for all?

20E/ WHiSSPRr Risk for People

20F/ Wallet Security & Hardware-backed VCs - privacy challenges & new DIF WG incoming

20H/ What if the Credential Subject cannot be the Holder?

20I/ Could an NFT be a VC?

20J/ Device-free SSI: Ideas, Potentials and Challenges


20L/ Why you know less about Guardianship than you think (because we ALL know less about Guardianship than we think)

20P/ GS1 2021 VC Prototype Journey

Session 21

21A/ DIDComm and the Self-Sovereign Internet

21B/ (California) Verifiable Credentials Policy Committeee - Come learn about how participate in passing legislation to crete a California Trust Framework!

21C/ Solving Identity Challenges at the Intersection of Education and Healthcare

21D/ The world between public and private DIDs - Or how to make use of SSI without the subjects

21E/ Verifiable Credentials for Assets 30 min

21F/ Universal NFTs as authentic data without tokens/blockchains. How to eliminate minting/mining fees and break the NFT silos.

21G/ Build an SSI proof of concept in 30 minutes

21H/ Accumulators and Credential Signatures AMA (You don't need to know crypto)

21I/ Creating a positive vision for the future - decentralised web + SSI

21J/ UX for AR, ambient identity, IoT? Human disclosure, consent, auth with devices.

21K/ Can Kids Use D.I.D.s? What's your tech for kids online?

21L/ International Semantic Infrastructure: Requirements for a distributed data economy

21M/ Humanizing PoSSI- Human-centric structure of the Principles of SSI

21O/ DHS SVIP - Program Overview + AMA

21P/ Universal Resolver Driver Policy Discussion

Session 22

22A/ App Framework for Mobile Agent Dev - "No more forking"

22C/ NHS Staffpassport; Based on Evernym Verity built by Sitekit/Condatis; A 12 month experience

22D/ Career Advice for New Professionals in Identity

22E/ Auto-Generating Language-Specific Wrappers for Rust Libraries

22F/ OPN-R - Open Public Notice - Rights - starting Notice and Control Language

22H/ Figuring out Verifiable Credentials Exchange - combining Bloom, Aires Protocols, Presentation Exchange into a unified - Killer Whale Jello Salad

22I/ Practical Perspectives on the collapse of zero-sum civilizations and the emergence of computational sovereigns and a pattern approach to digital equity governance: The source of the problems is the source of the solutions.

22K/ Implementing Interop with technology across ecosystems (did:ion, did:key, did:ethr, did:web, did:nft and JWT, LD + DIDComm v1 and Chapi)

22L/ KERI Security Considerations #3 (Detailed walkthrough of how KERI achieves secure portability)

22M/ Open-Source Sovrin SSI Wallet - Functionality Design Session

22N/ Mapping FHIR JSON-LD to OCA

Session 23

23A/ What is an Aries Interop Profile (AIP), and Status of AIP 2.0

23B/ TMI BFF: OAuth Token Mediating and session Information Backend For Frontend

23C/ Trinsic Open Source - BBS+ VCs over DIDComm v2 - End-to-end vaccination credential example

23D/ An Identity Through Time

23E/ WHiSSPR- Human transparency over identity and surveillance risk

23F/ Good Health Pass Ecosystem Trust Architecture: DIDs and X.509 Trust Registries with Ecosystem Governance Frameworks

23G/ Self Attested vs Chain of Custody - assurance levels in data provenance in VCs

23I/ Talking on Aries Bifold, building a community effort around an open source mobile wallet in React Native

23J/ Self-Sovereign E-Commerce

23K/ KERI Composable Event Streaming Representation

23M/ AMA: Sovrin + ToIP Core Purposes and Cooperation

23P/ 12pm PT: W3C CCG VC HTTP API Special Topic Call: https://meet.w3c-ccg.org/vchttpapi

Session 24

24A/ BC Gov Collaboration on the Business Partner Agent, sharing our Roadmap-Create Creds, Issue them, Verify them, Hold them, publish them, ZKPs, Selective Disclosure-

24B/ More Killer Whale Jello Salad...figuring out how credential exchange can harmonize.

24C/ WHiSSPRr Risk for People

24D/ IDunion Introduction and AMA (same as on day 2!)

24E/ Decentralized publication, micro-publication and moderation-- what the real pitfalls would be.

24F/ Making ACA-Py (Almost) Ledger Agnostic: DID resolution over DIDComm (instead of HTTP) to a Universal Resolver.

24G/Paper Based Credentials: Demo & Discussion

24H/ KERI and ADS Key State Provenance Logs Kumbaya (KEL and ADPL)

24K/ Dissertation Study on Adoption of SSI Digital Wallet

24L/ Decentralized publication, micro-publication and moderation-- what the real pitfalls would be.

24N/ A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for Public Health (Why/What/How)

24P/ Secure Scuttlebutt Outro

Final Closing Circle – Open Gifting