ID4 Africa – Exploring Possibilities for how SSI Communities and Companies show up @ the event & surrounding weekends

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ID4 Africa: Exploring Possibilities for How SSI Communities & Companies Show Up At The Event & Surrounding Weekends (Morocco June 2-4, 2020)

Thursday 13F

Convener: Kaliya Young

Notes-taker(s): Kristina Yasuda

Tags for the session - technology discussed/ideas considered:

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Context: Kalya went to ID4Africa and got inspired to organized a SSI related event at a next conference is Marrakech

- Abbreviation: CRVS - Civil registration and verification service

- Background

-: Difference in mental models: our (IIW) perspective – I have a digital self and I control it vs World Bank – digitizing records

-: Dedication: Data protection officers brought to ID4Africa for free

- SDG 16.9 give everyone a legal / digital ID – need to be finished in several years

-: Motivation in Africa: Intention to learn as fast as we can and start implementing = pressure

-: Dilemma: have to be delivering a service to scale this

- Doc’s previous conversation with the WB after explaining SSI:

-: Their answer: Funding is there, but if we continue doing it in a conventional way, we will get nowhere

-: “we’re going to help governments not to make a mistake” – help African governments to get ‘centralized’ databases correct

- Need databases to be talking to each other

- Kalya had ‘decentralized’ identity meet-up @ ID4Africa

-: Problem found: cannot onboard RPs fast enough

- Feedback from Youth in Africa: “Africa is decentralized anyway”


- How is collab across the countries done? – parties do not even talk to each other today

- Need: Education material

-: Brussels Sciences & Society felt like victims

-: How do we talk about identity to a ‘normal person’? to policy makers?

- Who defined Africa? Egypt, Libia not included

-: Do not have capacity or already advanced?

-: Smart Africa is similar

- Bringing together start-ups working on Digital ID. Problems faced by a participant doing business in Africa (Uganda)

-: Explaining that they are not competing with others

-: Explaining it to the governments, how they can meet the deadline by 2030 /the concept itself -> need to be at the conference itself

- ITU – Digital Roadmap

- What problems does Digital identity solves for the governments

-: Honeypot problem increases risk for them?

-: Foreign investment – early adopters private sector (ts1, WorkDay)

-: Data protection problem tied into (eIDAS)

- Need to be selling as a scalable thing: once you issue, you can talk to anyone who issue these credentials (We are selling it all wrong now)

- All these architecture assumes connectivity

-: Chain of keys/credentials that can be read offline

-: SSI offline?

- Satellites! Relativity – 2 co-founders, founding of 3D printed rockets

-: 2021 rockets a year – will be carrying micro satellites who are building those up for communication services. Space version of google satellites – low orbit satellites

-: At least 5G level communications?

-: Connectivity goes away in 7-10 years away?

- Do not build another one – connect those systems,

-: Interoperability not just technical, but also legal, trust framework

-: Gov as certifiers?

- Survivability of a regime change…

-: Leverage the NGOs networks who have expertise in this domain

- Leverage Japanese

- Reach out to ITU (international telecommunications union)

- Founder of Diwala – skills data points in Uganda

- Close digital divide

- Chinese surveillance system

- JICA got funding to do digital identity in Africa (Rwanda)

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