CULedger is Working to Improve Member’s Experience *Better UX *Lower Fraud – We See FB Added Value BUT They Were Creepy – Help Us Get It Right and Natural

From IIW

CULedger Talk

Day/Session:Tuesday 1E

Convener:Darrell O’Donnell

Notes-taker(s): Darrell O’Donnell

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Led by Darrell O’Donnell and Rick Cranston

~20 attendees

Overall Discussion statement: tweet

#IIW talk today: @CULedger is already working with @SovrinID and @Evernym to create better Member UX that lowers Fraud.

Next: We see that Facebook added value using identity but they have been creepy; We would like to discuss how to get it right and make it natural.

General idea was to gather ideas of what Credit Unions could offer to Members and others now that they have a SSI-enabled “MyCUID” (note: the term MyCUID may change over time - it is a credential issued to a Credit Union Member by a Credit Union).

CULedger is a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) owned by 42 member Credit Unions. Its initial mandate, the creation of an Identity Service based on Sovrin and Evernym technology aims to provide answers to the following three questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Can you Prove it?
  • Can I trust the proof.

These questions are bi-directional - applying to both the Member and the Credit Union.

Once those questions can be reliably asked and answered, there is an opportunity to open the Credit Unions up to offering new services. That was the focus of the conversation on Day 1 at IIW.

Many ideas were brought up including:

  • Delegation - the ability to delegate (e.g. CPA access to read-only in different ways if personal CPA or business CPA) and the role that Credit Unions may play in setting standards (“hmm, your CPA is asking for more access than is normal”).
  • Overlays - the ability to use common schema but not over-share is crucial.
  • Trust Hubs - how do we list the “trusted” Issuers (e.g. bona fide Credit Unions).
  • Credit Union Marketing - can a Credit Union appropriately leverage the relationship with a Member in a marketing context.
  • Backup/Restoring Wallets - what is the role that a Credit Union plays (or could play)?
  • Deviceless and Feature Phones - how do Credit Unions serve members that don’t have devices like smartphones?  
  • Interoperability - a key role for CULedger to provide in this space.