1C/ IEEEE/SA, Evernym, iRespond, SWIRLS – ADV The Human STD Hackathon (100K Refugee Framework)

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IEEE/SA and the Human SID Hackathon

Wednesday 1C

Convener: Alpesh Shah

Notes-taker(s): Alpesh Shah

Discussion notes, key understandings, outstanding questions, observations, and, if appropriate to this discussion: action items, next steps:

Advancing the Human Standard Hackathon and Digital Inclusion considerations

Involved organizations - Evernym, Swirlds, iResponse, IEEE/SA, IIW

Key Points of discussion:

Refugee anonymity, Pseudonymity and Identity

Employer and credible refugee abilities validated via a track and trace mechanism while meeting the appropriate policy considerations

Event will be hosted in partnership with the IIW for Fall IIW 

We will provide the use cases in advance and training links for the various platforms

Links to the platforms to be provided on the IIW site and once up, the hack microsite

Winners will be announced at Fall IIW

Outcome aim will:

1. Provide a solution that could inform a successful solution for a real problem 

2. Lead to a possible repeatable framework that can be utilized across a number of similar identity challenges around the world

3. Allow greater awareness and applicability of distributed ledger technology as a means towards increased knowledge of creating realworld blockchain​ solutions