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What topics are you planning to present about or lead a discussion about at this IIW?

  • The state of Identity in HE federations
  • STORK eID Large Scale Pilot (
  • maybe lead a discussion on (im)possibilities for use of social network ID's for business/ govt. business purposes
  • Personal Data Stores
  • Identity is the New Killer App
  • OneSocialWeb
  • Privacy preservation delegation and attribute aggregation
  • I might be interested on sharing some results from two EU projects in which I am involved: SPIKE and PICOS
  • Partial identities and credential management
  • Personal Data Stores
  • Digital Death, Digital Heritage, Networked Culture
  • eduroam
  • interoperabilty of assurance levels
  • Decentralized identity for real-world markets
  • Route to market & business / trust models
  • Mydex Community Prototype launch
  • Use of mobiles; multiple identities
  • WebID
  • Kantara IAF

What are you hoping to learn about or hear a presentation about at IIW?

  • cross-sector federated identity, education-business-government
  • openid, privacy, data protection
  • OpenID and OAuth adoption and potential use across education and government in UK.
  • web services authentication practice
  • general interest in eID and privacy related topics
  • Federated IDs
  • Evolution of user centric identity verification
  • Cross cultural influences on internet ident
  • Social Web Standards / W3C
  • OpenID and German Identity Card
  • OpenID, InfoCads, eID national initiatives, novel schemes
  • OpenID, and how open source makes a difference, if any.
  • Currently working on cross-industry researcher ID project
  • Privacy issues and modern informaton technology
  • OpenID in the UK, Identity is the new Money, KYC
  • To learn more about the field and what is currently important.
  • Personal Data Stores
  • eIdentity schemes for use in eGovernment
  • Personal Data Stores,
  • Digital Heritage or Death in the online space,
  • presentations on technology and society
  • status quo and progress of identity federation projects
  • Discovery/NASCAR problem for Interfederation
  • fouth-party services, VRM services, personal data stores, standards
  • Public/private cooperation; NSTIC
  • interoperability

What are the critical questions about user-centric identity, VRM or other topics you hope to discuss with peers at IIW.

  • OpenID and OAuth adoption and potential use across education and government in UK.
  • RP practice in screening id providers
  • cross-border use of eID; cross-fertilisation of public sector and private sector eID initiatives
  • govt. owned trust vs. citizen perceived trust and it's impact on business case
  • How to make it a reality.
  • What is the best way to ensure we accelerate adoption without years of standards wars and ensure we derive benefits for the individual as fast as possible
  • Linked Open Data
  • Mobile and Consumer Electronics integration as drivers for mass-market adoption.
  • Convergence of identity standards
  • OpenID, and how open source makes a difference, if any.
  • the relation between identity and privacy in the Web
  • KYC, Digital Money, The AX facility withing OpenID
  • How to create a networked model for eIdentity with multiple actors and multiple identity tokens
  • Identity in browsers, UX OAuth issues
  • Discussions about Socio-Techno systems, focusing on the society that is developed within these systems as much as the technology itself
  • federated identity for non-web apps
  • Stork, NIH pilot adoption of Open Identity technologies
  • What can we build *today*, and what impact will it have on non-technical professional markets?
  • Is it possible to effectively identify, authenticate or age verify users online without overly impacting privacy?
  • How do we get this party started?
  • distributed identity